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Mar 30, 2012

Anne S.

I just started taking amino acids for my hair along with Saw Palmetto..and trace minerals and multi-vitamins for women that have Biotin and Folic acid in them. That should do it! So far I've notice my hair thickening up. Amino acids are what forms Keratin which forms it ..there are tons of sites on it. I think I found the magic combination. FINALLY! :-). I hope this helps everyone who is suffering from thinning hair like me. Oh..I also keep tabs on my hormones. Find a good naturopath or ob-gyn who will do a full-hormone panel on you. One day you will see a photo of me with my hair down. Its at that yucky stage right now. Cheers!

Mar 27, 2012

Anne S.

So...I'm in the process of growing out my hair and having it be as healthy and thick as genetically possible! LOL. I am going to buy Saw Palmetto and L-cysteine today. I am currently taking MSM, and Silica. I'm also doing a little liver detox using Dandelion Tea which tastes awful, but with a little bit of honey in it, is not bad. I'm also using the NuHair scalp Treatment by night and the Yerba Hair Care Herbal Concentrate by day...before showering you put it on your scalp for 20 min. 

Mar 17, 2012

Anne S., I was in a hurry yesterday and used my fingers to apply my eyeshadow..uh..i liked how my shadow applied way better than using a brush. Weird and cool. 

Hi Anne! I want to introduce myself as community manager and welcome you to Beautylish! A great way for you to get started here is by adding a couple of pictures of yourself, linking your twitter and facebook, and getting in the talk section to get to know other beauties! If you have any questions please feel free to keep in touch with me! xoxo

Jan 19, 2012

Anne S.

Thank you! I just love this site! I check it out every morning. It always perks me up!

Anne S.

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I'm a seeker of optimal health and beauty! Two years ago I became a yoga instructor and now I'm in school to become a massage therapist! Yay. I love transformation and I believe almost anything can be fixed. You just have to experiment and search to find it. Right now I discovered MSM. It's making my hair grow crazy fast and healthy! I just read Eating For Beauty by David Wolfe. Love it!

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