Beauty Product Reviews

This is such a good foundation and is probably my favorite! it's really light and dosen't feel like you're wearing anything! it looks really blended in too. It's coverage is pretty good too. its not really full coverage but medium and you can build up and it wont look cakey. It feels really nice and soft.

Not That Great

I have this in Berry Mix, Mocha Swirl, and Coffee & Cream. The colors are really pretty and shimmery and they have an ok staying power. What i didn't like is that they crease really easily and really badly, so i barley ever use them.

love this!!

I love this powder! it has really full coverage and has a nice staying power too! the powder dosen't feel too cakey and dosen't feel heavy on my face. i absolutely love it and will purchase again!

love the colors

I absolutely love the colors. i can use all the colors and the all look super pretty. They have mostly shades of brown and one really pretty pink and a creamy white. I can use it everyday and the colors are very natural. They aren't as pigmented as i'd like, but you can build up and it looks super pretty!

Really cool!

I thought this shatter really worked well on my nails. It shattered really well and was really cool to look at it crack. You can't use too many coats or else it won't shatter as well. It is pretty thick, so one coat is all you need. The silver was really pretty and has a little bit of glitter in it.

favorite lip balm!

i really like this lip balm because it feels so nice and fresh on my lips. it has a minty and cool feel. It also really helps make my lips look soft and feel soft too. Whenever my lips are super chap, i use this and it really works and helps!


I lovee this lipgloss! it is such a pretty color, really shinny and shimmery and makes my lips look really pretty! it isn't sticky and applies smoothly. It's really light and not too creamy or liquidy. It stays on pretty long too.

Favorite Drugstore Foundation!

I absolutely love this foundation. My friend recommended it for me and it works perfectly! the color matches perfectly and it stays on a really long time too! It dosen't make my skin look oily either and has a pretty good medium coverage.

Great Brushes!

I really really like these brushes! i have all three kabuki face brushes and they work really well. I love the blush kabuki brush because it is perfect for my face and isn't too big and works really well. The flat kabuki brush and round kabuki brush works really well too! it applies my liquid foundation evenly and my cream blushes really well too!

lovee this!!!

I REALLY like this! it has such a nice smell to it also! the mixture of the colors are so pretty and it looks natural and not over done or too powdery. it also leaves a little shimmer where i applied it and looks very pretty.

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