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Fantastic :)

I love this lip gloss. I got a mini-size included with one of my Urban Decay pallets. The formula is super glossy, but not sticky (amazing!!) and it does have a slight peppermint taste after, which I enjoy.


This is my favorite drug-store mascara, ever. I have been using it as my go-to mascara for almost 4 years now, and I still love it. I have tried others, but this is the one I always come back to. For the price, you can NOT go wrong. It can be hard to get off, but honestly, thats more of a pro for me.

My favorite top-coat

This is my favorite drug-store top coat/base coat! I have been buying it for years. It has really cute packaging, with a little rhinestone on the bottle, which is always evolving. I love this product. My grandmother used it on her nails, my mom uses it on hers, and I will always let my daughter use mine :)

First I was like...then I was like....

This is a really pretty pretty nail color...on the box. lol. The black is eh, at best. Two (ish) coats and you've got a basic black, that is a bit on the streaky side. The BEAUTIFUL top coat when put over the black does essentially nothing, unless you are in the sun. I've actually been using it for a top coat for my other polishes, and when I do white tips, which I like much more then over the black. The flakes are really pretty when you can get them to reflect off the light.


I have a few of these, white, black & "hot" pink. The pink is REALLY light, not hot pink at all. More like cotton candy. Without a top coat these will come right off, but they have pretty good staying power with a nice top-coat. I think they were a little expensive for what the product is, and how lightly pigmented they are, but there aren't many other options & these are a quick & easy way to add something to your nails.

What the....

At first, upon opening this, I was a bit confused, lol. The brush is flat, and a bit thick, which is something I hadn't seen before. It really does dry very quickly, I paint my daughters nails and she is able to let it dry (for the most part, haha, shes 3). The color payout is amazing, 1 coat and you're good. I have it on my hand, and ONE nail is Essie...When I did the dishes yesterday, my Essie nail chipped at the tip, and this stuff didn't budge - without a top coat. I'll deff try other colors!


I love this pallet. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The shadows are amazing. Top quality, as always from Urban Decay. Beautiful Colors, and they generally have a great stay time & opacity. I love that there is a good mixture of matte & sparkly eye shadows, as I find most colors these days have sparkle. Always. The price was worth it for me, this is my go-to neutral pallet. And, I waited for the 15% off sale at Sephora :) You can NOT go wrong with this pallet.


I got this from Sephora as a free sample (not for reviewing purposes specifically). I used it yesterday, thinking it was probably the wrong color anyhow & I just wanted to see how it covered....well, I was surprised!

This product is amazing! It went on so smoothly, and had great coverage. I didn't have to use much as all, and it really did look wonderful when applied. Even the color I got was great, not too orange. This foundation lasted ALL day (and night!) and seriously left my face feeling amazing. Weightless full coverage foundation...Now I have to go buy a full size, and for $50 a bottle...probably not anytime soon. lol


I love this, so much. The lashes are quality, the price (on sale for $10!!) is AMAZING. The lash glue, which you can't see until you buy, is this beautiful blue/white opal-ish shade & I love it. The lashes (which I cut & use on the sides of my lashes instead of a full set) are easily washed & reused if done correctly. The mascara ALONE is $18. No joke. AND it's full size! I'm so happy with this purchase, I want to get more more more!

If you want sparkle & shine, look no further!

For the price that Hard Candy is going for you can NOT beat this product. You should be warned that it is VERY VERY glittery and the bronze color that it gives off can be a little much for light skin. A little goes a long way! Sometimes I mix it with my lotion for a lighter look.

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