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Overpriced Nail Polish- is it worth it?

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Oct 17, 2011

Lorena C.

I have bought a couple China Glaze, OPI and Essie nail polishes, but I find them a bit over-ratef, especially Essie.

The color always takes a million coats and the product itself has a strange consistency that bothers me. Anyone else feel that some of these 'top' brands should really be on the bottom? After trying two different Essie colors I'm really not sure I'll ever buy another. They have some cute shades but nothing I can't find in other brands.

What brands do you guys find overpriced and not worth it?

Oct 17, 2011

Erica H.

I honestly don't think it's worth it. I mean nail polish is one of those things that you switch out all of the time, so I wouldn't spend a fortune on a nail polish when I'm going to take it off and put on a different color in a few days.

However, I think I would invest in a good glitter nail polish IF it comes off easily because I haaaaate sitting there for an hour taking off glitter nail polish. I love the way it looks, but ugh its just such a pain.

Oct 17, 2011

Angela W.

I've found that technique seems to matter much more than the actual product. I kind of suck at doing manicures for myself so my polish always comes out crap, even when I use a polish that everyone raves about.

SO yeah, I think the key is knowing how to use the products and actually doing all the steps (buff, basecoat, polish, topcoat).. .all the steps I always get too lazy to do! and your polish will probably come out looking good, even if it's cheap.

Erica, have you tried the foil technique to take off glitter nail polish? Takes about 10 minutes!

Oct 17, 2011

Erica H.

Nooo! Explain please! :)

Basically soak cotton wool in nail varnish remover, as usual, pop it on top of your nail, the wrap your nail up in foil! Do this on each nail, leave for 5-10 mins, then twist off and your glitter polish should come clean off! Search for a vid on YT to see what I mean! :)

I don't think nail polish is worth a splurge considering how often I change my nail polish. Personally, though, I see Butter London as a splurge and OPI, essie, etc.... as a normal price point where sinful colors are lower priced and a steal.

With that said, I love sinful colors and wet n wild polishes and wear them all the time. the wear is just as good as others. i agree with the comment about the technique but i think what matters most is both technique and good base/top coat. i switched from sally hanesn to gelous base coat and noticed a big difference in wear!

Oct 17, 2011

Soma S.

I agree w/ Courtney - unless you're not in the states - then OPI, CG, and Essie polishes are reasonably priced. Essie, OPI, CG are usually in the $4-12 range at most... I won't spend more on other brands though:

Butter London: $14 ea.
Deborah Lippmann: $18 ea.
Rescue Beauty Lounge: $18 ea.

Now THOSE are expensive!  T_T

I do find a difference in the polish. I am spoiled with OPI and Chinaglaze because it lasts longer if I skip the manicure process and skip straight to color with no top coat. Essie has awesome colors and I think that they work quite well so long as you are patient for the 2-3 coats. And if you wait, it is worth it. In the long run it is more polish being used but to be honest about everything yeah,. HUGE difference between Revlon or Sinful colors on my nails vs OPI. I have not bought any of those uber expensive polishes yet. I think 10 is my max but as I type that, I have the sudden urge to buy some of the Deborah Lippmann polishes I see in Birchbox's site all the time... =/

For instance I am in FREAKING love with Revlon's "Stormy" nail polish in the Top Speed... but the wear is pretty much non existent and I chip a nail the same day even with a top coat. On the other side I have worn essie polishes for a solid week with minimal to no chipping.

That is just my personal experience though and my nails SUCK.. break ALLL the time.

I buy China Glaze and OPI but only because I can get it at a pro discount otherwise I wouldn't buy it since there are so many inexpensive brands like Sinful Colors and Wet 'n' Wild out there. I bought my 1st Deborah Lippmann nail polish (Bad Romance) only because I was able to get it basically for free from because I earn gift certificates through Swagbucks (450 SBs = $5 Amazon gift card). I wouldn't buy it otherwise or any other polish that was $10 and didn't have a pro discount.

Oct 18, 2011

Lorena C.

I'll have to look up the foil technique too. I think anything over $5 for a nail product is a bit much, but I may be cheap. I love Santee nail polishes, they cost $1 and with a base and top coat last me a week if not a few days more. Maybe I'm just too impatient as well. It's good to see other's point of view though. Thanks for all the feedback guys =)

Oct 18, 2011

Anneka F.

I hate the regular popular brads - opi, orly, china glaze, MAC - they're expensive and they just chip off straight away for me, ugh! its the worst. (I haven't tried essie though...)

My favs are Mecca Cosmetica nail colour (only available in NZ and Australia) and Jessies Girl high intensity nail polish - its only about $4 at Rite Aid in America - so cheap and it stays on so well. It's probably the best quality nail polish I've ever used - the brush is perfect! The opacity is amazing, not only does it not chip off for me - but its even hard to pick off haha. 

Oct 18, 2011

Mindy R.

I think it depends. I spent $25 on a Chanel polish once that chipped in a few hours and I've spent a dollar on Wet N Wild polish that seems bulletproof.  

I think nail polish is way too expensive for what it is... the only brand I don't mind spending money on is OPI... I always have to seem to have really good luck when it comes to buying their polishes. But for China Glaze... I wouldn't spend that much money on a polish that doesn't last. 

Oct 19, 2011

Erica J.

no- absolutely not- they all chip around the same time - shellac nails look sweet tho- they dont chip but they are expensive i know you can get the kit for like $40 at sally's

Oct 19, 2011

ashley h.

again like courtney, soma, & others said, i don't consider china glaze & opi over priced. mainly because i buy china glaze at sally's with the discount code & usually only OPI if it's buy two get one at ulta & i have a coupon. i have tried sites like yet that have the new china glaze christmas collection up :O but i will be soon & think it's an excellent deal ($3 polishes).

i just think with china glaze & all of those brands, it's hit & miss on the formulas. i have some i love & some i just want to trash!

i don't lust after the HE brands, like butter london, chanel, deborah lippmann, etc because i would never shell out that much money on a nail polish. (although i do lust after chanel's peridot because it's gorgeous & my birth stone)

Oct 19, 2011

Melissa E.

I personally don't see the difference in brands like OPI & Sinful colors ($1.99) or other inexpensive brands I only use higher end brand nail polish when i get a mani & pedi at the salon because those high end brands are typically the ones they have in their salons other than that if i'm doing it at home I love using Sinful colors! affordable & works just the same as any other brand.
xoxo Melissa-Emily

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