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Great product for quick, light coverage.

I really enjoy this product now that I know what brush to use with it. Don't get me wrong, the one that came with the cream is super cute, but I found it too small to be truly effective. As long as you use a very dense brush (I use the Deluxe Round Buffer from Morphe Brushes) it works great. I get light coverage that is really good for work, nothing cakey in the least, and it lasts a long time on my combo/oily skin. I also tend to be a bit sensitive but have had no adverse reactions to the product yet and it's been a few weeks since I've been using it.

I have a first impressions video with this product on my channel if you want to check it out as well!

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Definitely a Holy Grail item for me.

I have been using this as my go-to black liner for months now and I absolutely love it. The pigmentation is so much better than others that I have that are more expensive (ie- Bobbi Brown) and the lasting power is amazing. I try not to go to bed with my makeup on, but on a couple of occasions after late nights, I've rushed to work with the previous night's liner on and it's still almost perfect. The only trouble that I have is in removing this liner, because it's so long-lasting that it's nearly impossible to remove sometimes, but if you're careful then it's ok. I cannot wait to get my hands on more colors soon!

This is the Naked Palette UD fans wanted but never got.

I say that because after the 1st Naked palette came out, the fans were calling for more matte shades, but only got 3 in the Naked2. Like many, I was really annoyed by this because I don't go around wearing glitter and shimmer every day of my life.

Then I saw this Too Faced palette, swatched it at Sephora and took it home immediately. The shadows are smooth, easy to apply, easy to blend, and it has the perfect range of shades that can be used to create or balance out any look. I keep this at the front of my palette storage shelf because I reach for it non-stop. I can't even count how many people I've recommended this item to.

The only issue people might have could be with the packaging, because it's kind of thick, but it is nice and compact. The good thing about that is that the sturdy package will help keep the shadows from crumbling during travel as well. I cannot say how much I LOVE this palette, but I think you get my point. This is definitely a must-have holy grail item for me!

Not what I expected but ok.

I was really excited to get my hands on this palette, which had sold out almost everywhere, at IMATS last month, but the main color I bought it for isn't what I expected. When swatched the Coral shade, which I was dying to get my hands on, looked gorgeous and fun, but on my lids it looks orange and weird.

I love the mermaid shade and a few of the browns are amazing too. I haven't used the pinks at all, I'm not a huge fan of pink on my lids, but they look ok.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this palette, but I wouldn't knock it either. It's just an ok item. Not the best I have but not the worst either.

Every time I use these shadows I get compliments

The only bad things about these is the fallout, because UD tends to have that issue in general, but I still love my Mariposa palette. My sister is constantly asking to borrow it too because she loves the shades. I love the packaging but the brush isn't so great. I have no clue where it is actually and I don't think I ever used it. Overall I'd give this an 8 out of 10, because I do like it, but it's not amazing or anything. It'd be a nice intro for someone new to the brand.

Perfect summer shade

I have been loving Ravishing for a bright lip this summer because it's not exaggerated, it's just bright enough. I have quite a few lipsticks but Ravishing, Hue and Twig are my top 3 go-to MAC lippies.

A definite must-have!

This is my favorite base to use under eye shadow because it corrects any unevenness on my lid and helps shadows stay on crease-free all day. I can use Painterly on it's own as well and on days when I just want to use a dramatic liner and no shadow, I this or Bare Study all over the lid, apply the liner, mascara and I'm out the door. I love my paint pots!

My favorite foundation ever!

I have combination/oily skin, but this foundation gives me a dewy look without making me look too oily. I love how easily it glides on, it has great staying power and even though it's not the cheapest thing ever, it was worth every penny.

I bought this for two shades...

And was vastly relieved to find I loved them all.

I really did buy this because I wanted Maui Wowie and Mildew, but it was cheaper to get the palette than to get the two individual shades and I'm glad I went for it. I've been able to use this for so many more looks than I would have been able to do with just two colors. Another of my go-to palettes.

My absolute must-have palette!

I thought this was going to be another over-hyped product and hesitated to buy it, but I seriously do not regret the impulse that made me get it when I saw it at my local Sephora. This palette has it all, you can do natural looks, smokey eyes, and it has great matte shades as well as the best highlight color ever. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a palette that can do it all.