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Simple Makeup Looks To Help Look More Matured.

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May 03, 2012

Annur E.

I'm 21 this year but people can still mistaken me for being a 16 years old due to my petite body and that "chubby adorable" face. I had to chop off my long wavy hair because it was too dry so now I have bangs with chin length bob, but my hair is still naturally wavy.



May 03, 2012

Shelly T.

It happens.

I'm in my early thirties; people think I'm in my late teens or early twenties. My mother, up to her early thirties, got mistaken for younger all the time. (Even now, in her mid-sixties, some people think she's younger than she is.)

I don't think there's a makeup look out there that will make you look more mature.

Not sure about hair.

I think the best advice I can give is to just accept it, as frustrating as it may be.

^What she said... =P

I'm 2 years shy of 30 and I STILL get mistaken for 16, and I have no flippin' clue as to what may help it still. Dress more conservatively [still can be stylish, but conservative helps give the "mature" vibe] and keep your makeup clean and neutral.

It's really sad because I had to retake my driver's license picture because I kept the one I took when I first got my license, and all the bouncers at clubs would laugh when I got carded... I re-took the photo with makeup on, and now when I go out w/o makeup, I STILL get carded because they don't believe it's me! So now, I have to carry both around to prove it's me, and I still get laughed at. =/

Just make your peace with it. Embrace what you have and let your mature personality shine through to convince others. I know it's a pain, especially in the workplace when you are trying to prove your maturity as a professional, but if your personality shines through, you shouldn't have the problem persist.  =)

May 04, 2012

Skye D.

Thinner eyebrows are darker lip colors will help!! And dark hair look sophisticated.

May 04, 2012

Yumi R.

^^I'm with Skye. Thin eyebrows and dark lip colours especially matte ones tend to look more mature imo! Stay away from too much shimmer and glitter.

But just think when you're older you will be so happy when people mistake you for being younger :)

May 04, 2012

Annur E.

thanks girls and as painful for me to say this, I have to embrace it huh. I've tried long wavy hairstyle, short, straight and curly but I still look like a kid. oh well :)

May 04, 2012

Caro P.


The trick to looking more mature is very simple. Being that I am almost 21 years old and people mistake me for being 16, I believe I've come up with a pretty good "mature makeup routine". Sure, it is easy to achieve a night look simply by using dark shadows, eyeliner and heavy mascara, but what about during the day? You can't rock a smokey eye at all hours of the day? Plus, you want a simple routine in the morning, not some elaborate 2 hour process of attempting to make yourself look older! Here's what I suggest: CONTOUR. It's the easiest way to excentuate your features! Cheekbones, jawline, nose, forehead! Contour it all! Don't get too crazy, though. You'd be surprised at what a little bronzed can do on certain spots of your face! Right below your cheekbone makes a hell of a difference! Especially if you feel like your face lacks structure. Right along the jawline also helps, even underneath too. The easiest way to achieve both greatly is to start at the middle of your forehead with a brush and create a stroke in the shape of a "3". The middle of the 3 should meet under your cheekbone and finish at your jawline. It's makes a world of a difference and matures your face without pounding tons of makeup on!

Hope this helps! 

May 07, 2012

Shelley W.

Embrace your youth. I dealt with the same thing when I was your age. I'm 38 now and I didn't appreciate it till I hit my 30's. Folks pay a lot of money to look younger than they are. Enjoy it, love it and appreciate your youthful genes. :)

May 09, 2012

Consuelo A.

I agree with Shelley W. Embrace it, it's not a bad thing. Soooo many women would pay bookoo bucks to have your skin and look younger. Women ALL OVER THE WORLD are trying to look yonger every day. 

May 09, 2012

Consuelo A.

you really need to think to your self and answer honestly "WHY does it bother you so much that you look young?" This is a personal question that you should answer yourself. But I had the same problem when I was your age. and to be honest the answer was stupid and shallow. 

May 09, 2012

Consuelo A.

I hated that ALL my grl frnds looked hot and sexy and I looked like a child. that they would always get hit on by hot guys cause they looked like they were 26 or older and I got hit on by 11 year old kids (not a joke, it happened once at a mall I was super embaresed and mad). I wanted to be hot and sexy too. But this was a very dumb and shallow reason and it told me I had insecurities and low self confidence. Things are diffrent now, but my fiaunce once told me that I was like a flower. While all the other flowers bloomed fast and whilted and died, I bloomed slowly and my beauty and life has retained longer :) You are a flower, be happy

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