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May 06, 2012

Sherry W.

Hey Annur, Are those waves/loose curls in your hair natural? I love them. So jealous right now! My hair is pin straight -___-

May 08, 2012

Annur E.

Hi Sherry! Yup, those are my natural curls. I used to hate them because I had bangs and was always straightening them out haha. I didn't take a good care of them so they became dry so I decided to chop them off :'(

Maybe you can get them, there are a lot of heatless curling tutorial out there :)


Welcome to Beautylish Annur! If you have any questions please feel free to be in touch with me! xoxo

Apr 26, 2012

Annur E.

thanks for the hospitality and I'll definitely take on that offer!


Annur E.

Location: Malaysia

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