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Wedding styles for bob length hair!

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My boyfriend of 6 years made it official and proposed to me on February 13th, the day we decided to celebrate valentine's on due to our busy schedules! Our wedding isn't until August of 2013 but I literally chopped off my shoulder length hair for an A-line-esque bob days before the proposal and absolutely love my hair at this length, with the decision to keep my hair bob length I was wondering what are some cute styles out there for wedding hair for short hair?

Mar 04, 2012

Yumi R.

Yay congrats!! Maybe finger waves? 

First off, congratulations! I got my hair curled for my wedding. It might not have been as short as yours but I think something like this will work.

Thanks guys! I have been playing around with the curling iron and have been able to make some waves! I also have a while to grow my hair out longer! These are some really cute ideas! 

Congratulations! I love the idea of a 20's style pictured at the top here. Depending on your theme etc, you could do a crimped look or a cinderella type up-do. It will take some bobby pins at your length lol but can be done with just a little left hanging down in the front.. will try to find some photos for you!

Mar 11, 2012

Lissa S.

I definitely agree with the previous commenter - Fingerwaves would look lovely! Especially if you added some cute hair accessory. Congratulations!

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