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Great concealer but...

I really like this concealer but I don't think I would re purchase this product because there are cheaper alternatives suh as Hard candy Glamoflauge (US), Soap and glory Kickass concealer (UK) and the revlon photoready concealer (Both), all of these concealers do the same job and are cheaper, all of these concealers have very heavy coverage and are easily blendable, I would recommend this product if you really want to spend the money on it.

Couldn't live without it!

I love this product, I find it makes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara effortlesly come off your lashes and your most plastered on layers of foudation glide off your face leavy your skin feeling weightless, The only thing is that it is obviously an oil based makeup remover and I find this a bit annoying to feel like it is completly off your face, but as long as you wash and cleanse your face after wards it should be gone...this is my only grumble yet I still love this product :D

It's really good but beware...

I really like this product and personally prefer wearing it under foudation as opposed to wearing it on top and it looks beautiful on the skin however, I would say to make sure that you clean the brush regularly otherwise big chunks of glitter can become co-agulated in the brush and then eventualy you end up with a glitter mess on your hands, also make sure that you swith the applicator to 'off' otherwise the product has a habit of miraculously getting squashed and product going everywhere, which is very hard to clean up...otherwise it is a very good product :D

One of my favourites

Mascara is one of my hells in everyday makeup because my lashes are so long they tend to look spidery and straight even if I use eyelash curlers etc. However this mascara gave my lashes great definition and volume while managing to hold a curl almost all day, I also really love the brush I think it catches even really small lashes hiding on the corners of my eye

A must have!

I use this as a base and primer for my eye shadows because it nuetralises any redness that I may have in my lids, this is because of its yellow tone, but it works great as a primer it stops my shadow from creasing all day even though I have reasonably oily lids, When mine runs out, which will be a long time because a little goes a long way, I will deffinitely be re-purchasing :D

Very nice

I really like this product because it's very rich and creamy, it really feels like it is moisturising the eye area and it has a cooling effect I think. I don't have dark or puffy eyes so i'm not really sure how well it works but I would repurchase just for the moisturising aspect of it

SO happy with it!!

I'm very pale so I was worried about how vibrant the blush looks in the packaging but I decided to give it a go and im glad I did, it's not immediatly obvious hat you have blush on when your wearing because it depends on the lighting, because of the "3D glitter", it looks very natural and subtle on and I love it and if you want something with a higher impact just dust another blush over top

Dried up within a week or so!!

I know its only a cheap product but Is till want my money to be worth it and for the first three days it was because the lines was really dark and opaque, yes it skipped a little but that was easy to go over and correct, however within the first week or so the pen ha dried up leaving just a dissapointing smudge marks behind it, I had stored it up side down so it wouldn't dry out but it didn't work, overall I wont be re purchasing

smells great and lasts well

I only have a sample size which I got when I puchased a lip gloss from dior but I intend on buying a full size one because I love the smell and I love that it lasts on the skin for a decent aount of time considering it's and Eau de toilette and not and Eau de parfume. It has a sweet smell without it being over powering it's the kind of perfume that people comment on

Not great for very fine lashes

I was excited to try out this mascara because my friend uses it and it makes her lashes look AMAZING, however it makes my lashes look very spider-webbish, I have voluminous lashes anyway but my lashes are very long and fine so the consistancy of this mascara wasn't great personally on my eyelashes. Although I did LOVE how dark this mascara is

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