Beauty Product Reviews

Not Pefect

I love this palette, but it could have been so much better. It's a great deal. The one thing that peeved me about this palette is that Orgasm and Super Orgasm are in it. Super Orgasm isn't very wearable & don't most of us already own Orgasm? Nars has much better shades to offer, like Torrid, Exhibit A and so much more. A little more variety would have been nice.

Favourite Blush EVER

Gilda is an orangey blush that fits well with those who have tanned skin or an olive toned complexion. It's build-able, pigmented and matte - making it perfect for various occasions. i find it more suitable for Spring and Summer. You don't need to apply much for it to show and it's the kind of blush that looks great without a bronzer, too.

Love but it sheds

It's versatile! I've used this brush for anything from contouring, applying foundation or blush. I really like it for blush these days because it gives the more precise application. I have had slight issues with shedding, though.

I like it

I still need blotting sheets when I use this spray. I see best results when I spray it before and after applying my make-up, it gives me extra hold and helps minimize the oiliness of my skin. It doesn't stop your face from producing oils, that would be unnatural.

Very Pigmented

This is a stunning palette for anyone who loves sultry smoky eyes with a twist. My favourite colours in the palette are the first 4 shades in the top row. There are a couple of repeats in this palette and a couple of cons to it - I've covered those in my blog, if you are curious, check out my full review on - stealing-beauty :)


I have 2 of these but my favorite shade by far in pin-up. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an olive skin tone, if you're a bit darker, try out bombshell.