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De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

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Yesenia R.
Epic fail

I read tons of reviews from people with oily skin claiming that this product did wonders for them so I pretty much ran out and bought it! Luckily I only wasted fifteen bucks and not double for the regular size bottle. It did absolutely nothing for my makeup and definitely nothing for my oily skin, I guess it's not for everyone :( I'm very bummed that it didnt work for me! I'm left still hunting down a product that will tame my oily skin.

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Casey B.

I could never get my makeup to stay on longer than half a day because my face gets really oily. Once I stared using this, my makeup is staying almost all day.

melissa t.

I've already finished my first bottle and now onto my second! This product is amazing for people who have oily skin. It controls the oil while you have make up on and plus when I over powder my face, I would simply spray this all over my face, giving me a dewy finish. This just makes your face look natural with makeup on and it's refreshing! Love it.

Valerie S.

Within two hours of putting on my makeup I get super shiny and the foundation starts to separate - and I am the type of person that doesn't care to touch up my makeup once I put it on. At first I wasn't comfortable with the thought of spraying something on my oily skin. I sprayed a light mist on my face with De-Slick and I was really surprised!!!! My makeup stayed put and I only had to spritz my face one other time throughout the day!!

Nicole A.
not HG impressed

I've been back on the setting spray battlefield lately, my skin tends to be more oily in the cooler months lol I don't know why. I've used mac fix + for years and have never been overly impressed with it as far as a setting spray but find it useful for other things. I switched to the kvd one and loved it but found out that I run out of it much sooner. I was watching Wayne Goss and saw a review of setting sprays, and he said this one was good because skindinavia makes it so I gave it a try. 1st off 30$ is pretty steep but it is 4 Oz and most setting mists are around 3.4 Oz . I feel it to be thicker in application as others. My makeup overall stays on point and fresh looking, but my t-zone is still very oily. Honestly I don't think there is anything that completely works for 0 oil, but this is a good product to keep makeup looking very fresh. I also notice that the less finishing powder I use with this the more it works. Just my opinion but worth a try (:

Jamie Estele G.
Best setting spray for oily skin!

I'm in love with this product! I have very oily skin so I have to apply this twice a day but no other product controls my oil like this setting spray does.

Aramitha C.
Make your foundation last longer

I always forget to spray it before applying my make up, but after applying it. However I found out that the difference is not very big. In maintaining oily level, this product works quite good. I don't have to blot my face, coz I prefer dewy finish, not a very matte one. The bad thing is I HATE the pump. I find it difficult to spray it everytime...I don't think the price is worth that much for such a product with that quality of design...

Alexa L.
I like it

I still need blotting sheets when I use this spray. I see best results when I spray it before and after applying my make-up, it gives me extra hold and helps minimize the oiliness of my skin. It doesn't stop your face from producing oils, that would be unnatural.

Sara P.
It's decent.

I have REALLY oily skin. And I thought that this would really keep the shine away. I've used it with MAC and MakeupForever foundations. Both did the same thing. About two hours after I finish my makeup, my face gets shiney and oily looking. It does help keep it from smudging but it just doesn't keep the shine away.

Aley S.
It's ok

I bought this hoping it would keep my makeup matte. It did...for about an hour. I don't have excessively oily skin, and it seemed to actually worsen it. I got shiny faster than usual, but it did makeup my makeup last, like a primer.