Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome colors for a great price

These are such great colors. A very reliable source that is very affordable! I love this palette in particular because it has a little bit of everything from bright and fun colors to neautral and pretty browns. I always make sure to have this in my makeup kit for when I need a certain color and don't have it..this palette will most likely have it!

These shadows are awesome for them being a drugstore item. They are incredibly smooth and has great shimmer to play with. I have a gold shade (not sure the name of it) and it is very pigmented and I don't need a lot to show the color. Very easy to blend with and is one of my favorite eyeshadows! Also is very affordable. (:

I love these foundations! This is a must when I airbrush my brides. It gives awesome coverage and still leaves the skin looking natural. I love the little mini sample packages occ has for all the foundation colors and blushes. Great for on the go makeup artists.

Nice product! It reminds me more of a lotion type of primer rather than skin smoothing but it does do a job. My makeup goes on nice and even, and lasts through out the entire day.


I'm a hairdresser and I love using these bright hair colors on clients who want something fun and different. They are very true to the color displayed on the box. They may wash out a little fast but if you know how to take care of vibrant hair color, Pravana is great!

Most of my brushes are these!

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get good quality makeup brushes. Most of these brushes are awesome and are just as good as ones from MAC or any other expensive brands. Crown brushes is the reason why I am able to afford so many brushes. Great quality and cheap!(:

I've heard a lot of good things about these beauty blenders so when I went to IMATS in LA this year I purchased the package that came with 2 and the beauty cleanser. I have to say, I love! I use these on all my clients when I apply liquid foundation. It spreads the foundation nice and evenly as if it was airbrushed on. Not only are they great but they are adorable as well :D My clients always say "SO CUTE!" when I bring them out during makeup applications. The cleanser that comes with it works wonders too. They wash out all the makeup off the blenders and you can use them to clean your other makeup brushes as well. Awesome product. (:


This is such a great and safe product for everyone of all skin types! Doesn't cake the face and leaves the skin very beautiful and natural. I love using this on my brides for that natural and elegant glow look. When I switched to Bare Escentuals my skin actually cleared up and brought out the best in my skin! Great product! (:

One of my top favorites!

LOOOOVE this liner! It is surprisingly easy to apply this and do a dramatic cat eye with this liner. I was hooked as soon as I purchased this product, and got a couple of my clients hooked on it as well when I showed them how easy lining the eyes can be with it. Definitely one of my top favorite liners! (:

Great highlighter! This is exactly what I was looking for when I first picked up this product. I apply this over my bronzer which tones it down a little bit and leaves my skin with a nice glow. I apply this with a large, looser brush and lightly dust it on my cheeks. Great product, I love using this on my brides as well especially if they have an outdoor wedding. (:

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