Crown Brush

Master Studio Set

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Krystal C.
Amazing quality & inexpensive!

A few weeks ago I received my Crown Brush Master Studio Set in the mail. These brushes are so amazing! I prefer these over all my other brushes! They are extremely soft, durable, easy to clean and inexpensive. This set was $129.99, that's about $4 a brush! This is perfect for people looking to build up their brush collection without having to shell out $30 a brush at MAC and still get high quality. This set is also great for people who are learning to use brushes in new creative ways - there are 27 different shaped and sized brushes to work with. I recommend this to all makeup lovers - it's inexpensive and high quality.

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Ariel L.
Most of my brushes are these!

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get good quality makeup brushes. Most of these brushes are awesome and are just as good as ones from MAC or any other expensive brands. Crown brushes is the reason why I am able to afford so many brushes. Great quality and cheap!(:

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Fiona H.
These brushes are really good and not too pricey!

As a makeup artist I use some of these brushes. They are made of sable which is perfect for picking up lots of product and they blend it in well. These brushes are super soft, especially the really big powder/bronzer brush. They do start to leave bristles once they have been used lots but thats the only downside.

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Sara B.

These brushes are amazing! I love that they come in so many different varieties. The only reason I took away half a star was because I wish some of the brushes had longer handles. Other than that I love these.

Vanessa C.
I can't wait to own a set!

I want to own one of these brushes so bad!! They look amazing and a lot of people say they're good so it must be true. They're extremely fluffy and soft, in addition they are pretty reasonably priced. My fave brush from the set will be the tapered flat brush.