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I started using this when I was pregnant... I was so bloated that I needed something to help me feel normal again. After using this for a year (a couple of strokes in the morning or night with a couple of drops of oil) I can definitely say that this has helped me define my face (neckline area), bring out my cheekbones, and lessen wrinkles in the space between my eyebrows.

If you follow bagsnob at all, this is one of her “must have” products and I have to say, this facial roller really works!!

I use it with a couple different oils and have found these all to work well -Indie lee squalane -May lindstom the youth dew -caudalie vino perfect radiance serum -vintners daughter active botanical serum (this is my fav!!)

Must use an oil so you don’t pull at your skin.

Also, be careful when walking through airport security with this in your check in luggage; my friend had an incident where she was questioned about electronics in her bag hahaha

can't beat the price

I, like most people, LOVE saving money. It makes me feel like a smart and savvy shopper, who knows how to get the most for the least... and this feeling is pretty valuable to me. (Weird? whatever, I think most people love a deal.)

I was SO EXCITED when beautylish started carrying The Ordinary, and I bought the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) right away. Basically, I'm obsessed with the entire line of The Ordinary, but for why HA in particular: after giving birth, I had an outbreak of milia all around my mouth and nose (thanks hormones). After a few days of using this morning and night (typically I use this every couple of days and I mix it up with the Rose Hip Oil and Squalene) my skin returned to its clean blemish-free glory. HA is just a shot of light non-sticky hydration for your face, and should be in everyone's skincare routine.

Works, and works fast!

After becoming pregnant/ a new mom, I figured that I should just splurge a little more on facials at home. I can't go to my regular facial spot (no lying down on your back) and who has time to luxuriate for a couple hours anymore? This mask attracted me because you only have to leave it on for 10 minutes, blow dry, then ta-da... tighter firmer skin.

IT WORKS. I can feel my skin becoming tighter (in a good way) and my pores look clean and smaller, all while bebe naps.

Every day product

I don't wear mascara anymore (I've given up on my puny asian lashes) so eyeliner is a MUST HAVE product for me. I used to be a brat and request friends visiting Asia to get me the different types of *best* *most amazing* drugstore eyeliner, but after they changed the formulation on my beloved K-palette eyeliner, I decided I should just stick to something stateside.

I love this eyeliner... it stays put all day, the pen tip gives great control for a solid cat eye (even for someone with few to no skills), removes easily when you take it off at the end of the day, and it LASTS. I've been using this for like eight months? every day? That's kinda gross actually.... I guess it's time for me to buy a new one

Pimple soother and shrinker without embarrassing yourself

This stuff is just an easy spot-treatment product that you can apply day or night, throughout the day. Even if it doesn't work necessarily as well as my zit stickers or benzoyl peroxide, it smells better (might be kind of weird, but I think the lightly medicinal smell is nice!) and you don't have to walk around at home with a gross glob of zit lotion on your face.

I have three of these stashed away... one in my makeup bag, another in my travel bag, and the third in my gym bag.

it's the little things that make life luxurious

It can be hard to justify spending $30 on a brush that doesn't really "do" anything. I mean, my fingers can mix mud and apply to my face, or I can get another brush for cheaper from whole foods and just mix with that to apply to my face, right?

Not right. This brush works waaaaay better (than aforementioned generic brush or fingers) for applying May's problem solver (mixed with honey mud) and it makes the whole spa-at-home experience more relaxing. I even use this brush with other mud mask products, because not using it feels wrong. $30 well spent.

Another review mentions when washing it out, the bristles are hard and stiff.... yes, that happened to me when I didn't wash out the product properly. However, I kept rinsing the brush out with water, and after it dries, I just run the brush against the back of my hand to break up the bristles/ loosen it, and it's as good as new.

This Works

I bought this last year during the gift card sale (in November) because if I'm going to *invest* in a product, I want to try getting the most bang for my buck. I used this for a couple weeks and then gifted it to my mother, since I wasn't sure if my skin (which is in OK shape, and is fairly young skin) was really reaping the benefits of this hard core blend of glycolic acid/ fruit acids/ vitamins/ etc.

After she got her hands on it, she couldn't stop raving about how amazing it was and when I visited my mother for a few weeks in the summer, I started using it again... My freckly dull skin made me want to try something with more oomph than my usual products.

After using this product once, I UNDERSTOOD. This stuff works!!!!!

I was so impressed that I bought it again (no, not waiting for the gift card sale) and plan to stock up!! I fear this is a pricy skin care routine to pick up, but at least I know that it works and that a little product goes a long way. It's not that expensive when you price it out, right?? That's what I'm telling myself anyways.

Long story short? Buy this if you're looking for fresher, clearer, brighter looking skin.

4.5 stars.... Holy Grail Hair Conditioner

This is my holy grail of conditioners.... It smells amazing and makes my already-really-easy-to-work-with fine hair even smoother and more supple. I don't use this every day (even though it's designed for daily use) because I don't have any dyed hair (right now) and I'm trying to make this last as long as possible.

One *half* star off because $52 USD for 6.8 oz of something you literally wash down the drain hurts.... but honestly, I absolutely notice a difference on the days where I don't use this and the days I do use this.

if your lips are crying, this helps

My lips are extremely sensitive and prone to allergy..... I was literally crying one day because my lips were so raw and had minute cracks all over and around my lips. I'm not really sure how to describe this sucky condition, but basically if your lips are broken, ILIA works!

Yes, this is expensive and it does leave (for me) a kind of gross looking white ring. I also went through it like *that*.

BUT!!!! it cured my lips. I would 100% buy this again and recommend to anyone who's lips are in a desperate state.

great oil!

I'm really obsessed with oils, and this is a fabulous new staple for me. After being disenchanted with the CoQ-10 toner, I am so so happy I tried Indie Lee again. I've tried argan, rosehip, coconut and squalane gives me a gentle plump moisturized feeling. I haven't tried Peter Thomas Roth's mostly because of price, but I am very pleased with this one.

When I started using it, I was using maybe eight drops (fyi, I believe More is More!) but I scaled back to six, and now I'm at four. FOR MY ENTIRE FACE! I've been using this for approximately two months at least once a day (at night) and I've barely made a dent in my bottle.

everyone! please at least *TRY* this. Cannot recommend enough !

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