How To Use: ReFa Carat


Tammi R.
Hmm, verdict is still out

I’ve only been using this for a week... do I see immediate results, no. Do I like it? Meh... I should have purchased the smaller one for the face. I bought the carat face but I can’t get under the eye, between the brows, the neck is awkward... if anything, I’m hoping it’s {at least} a preventative device.. will it/can it help build/stimulate collagen? Who knows... I’m interested to see more reviews on it though! I think my biggest gripe is it’s awkward/uncomfortable to hold while trying to keep from covering the solar panel, it’s somewhat heavy. Not great for my wrists. It would be more relaxing and enjoyable to use if they tweaked the ergonomics of it.. I mean that’s just my take on it...

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Sammi W. Team

I started using this when I was pregnant... I was so bloated that I needed something to help me feel normal again. After using this for a year (a couple of strokes in the morning or night with a couple of drops of oil) I can definitely say that this has helped me define my face (neckline area), bring out my cheekbones, and lessen wrinkles in the space between my eyebrows.

If you follow bagsnob at all, this is one of her “must have” products and I have to say, this facial roller really works!!

I use it with a couple different oils and have found these all to work well -Indie lee squalane -May lindstom the youth dew -caudalie vino perfect radiance serum -vintners daughter active botanical serum (this is my fav!!)

Must use an oil so you don’t pull at your skin.

Also, be careful when walking through airport security with this in your check in luggage; my friend had an incident where she was questioned about electronics in her bag hahaha

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