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Charlotte Tilbury

Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise

How to Use: The Huntress

Obsessed with the way cats light up the night with their hypnotic, entrancing gaze, Charlotte Tilbury created this set to create an eye look that will light up the room and mesmerize.

Watch and learn how Charlotte applies eye shadow and eyeliner using Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise in The Huntress and Rock 'N' Kohl in Amber Moon to get a sultry feline look.


Sabrina S.
Also got On the Prowl... Not bad, BUT..

Ok, I got The Huntress and On the Prowl. I put one shadow and liner on one eye and the other duo on the other eye, and honestly the base color is pretty much the same so there isn't a huge difference unless you look up close and see the glitter! With that being said, I thought I would like On the Prowl more as it's purple and my eyes are green, so they would stand out more, but I like The Huntress MUCH more, you can see the bronze glitter in that one much better. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and the glitter doesn't have much fall out which is great! The liners are also fantastic. If you're deciding between these two sets though, I would get The Huntress ;).

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Jennifer E.

This stuff is awful. Do not waste your money. I was intrigued by the black base & light reflecting pigments. I was hoping for something effortless. It swatches beautifully. But getting that intense smoky shimmer on the eye isn't going to happen. I've tried it various ways. With a primer, without a primer. With a brush, with fingers, wet, dry. It's not happening. It's patchy, it requires layers upon layers of product to produce an even application. It settles into creases even with a primer. It melts away before 8 hours & it traveled into the corner of my eyes & smudged. & don't think you're getting a great deal either, it's a tiny little thing. I should return it & if shipping wasn't involved I would. I keep trying CT products, but honestly, I'm not a fan. I think this is a sub par product. I expect a power house product from any luxury brand & this isn't it. Inglot shadows are so much better.

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L R.
One shadow to rule them all.

This little set. Oh, this little set. I heard about this months ago and have been dying to try this new shadow formula. I've also been wanting to try one of Charlotte's kohl pencils, and here with this gorgeous new eye shadow formula, you receive a mini one. This set doesn't disappoint and is a nice value (at CT's price point, anyway) for the amount of product you receive.

I got The Huntress, which I think is probably the most versatile of the shades available. With this set, you can literally create the fastest, most beautiful smoky eye. I like to apply the shadow with my fingers (over primer or concealer/ powder), and then blow it out a bit with a Goss #19 or 6; line top and bottom with the kohl, smudge that a bit, and off you go. I wear it this way for daytime. And it lasts all day.

One shadow and somehow, the resulting eye look appears complex and mesmerizing. Dammit, Charlotte. You've done it again!

You can modify your application technique to enhance the depth of the shadow, resulting in a more sultry smoky eye. I've done this by using the accompanying kohl pencil as my base (alternatively, one of CT's coordinating cream shadows, used as a base, also works beautifully. Try Huntress with Veruschka... and thank me later :).

Whatever technique you use, the result will be a softly-sparkling, dimensionally complex smoky eye. One shadow will do this. And please note, this is not a glittery eye shadow (zero fall-out); rather, it has that grown-up, super refined (mica-based, I'm guessing) sparkle that basically looks like magic. If you want a million-dollar-looking smoky eye in under 5 minutes, this is your ticket!

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Kim R.

i wanted to like this product so bad but i don't for this is the reason why i gave it two stars because first of all the product didn't last long on my eyes what so ever like the color faded and i did watch the video on how to apply and i did exactly what she did and it just didn't work.. like i said color faded and fell on my face so i tried it again with a primer to my eyes same result... what i did like about this product is the glitter it's very pretty but over all it was a waste of money I'm very disappointed with the product. If you guys have any suggestions I'm so willing to try..

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Sasha U.
Beautiful but..

This shadow is beautiful, and I bought it thanks to the very video by Charlotte. I couldn't explain the color if I tried. I see a hint of green, my mother sees it as a beautiful brown. The BEST way is to wear it would be exactly as the video described- apply with your finger all over your lid and crease, and blend out the crease ONLY with a brush (I use a small dome brush.) The liner is STUNNING. My ONLY problem with this, to put it shortly, my mother walked up, saw it and said "oh they gave you that tester?" I was crushed. The shadow really is THAT small.

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Andrea F.
The Perfect Duo for My Khaki Eyes

My eyes are greenish, brownish, yellowish. Officially they are hazel. I've noticed that as I get older, my eyes don't sparkle as much or stand out. The Huntress is perfect. The color is gorgeous, the shadow and liner apply creamy and smooth. They are so beautiful, and I didn't add any other colors, except for a tiny bit of highlighter under my brows. I highly recommend this product. It also makes a beautiful smoky eye. It's stunning!

Huangyi C.
Quick and easy smoking eye

The glitters in the eyeshadows are so amazing! I got the shades The Huntress and Midnight Seduction. Both performed equally well. Your eyes will shine like a disco ball and no mistake! I personally love it but if you are looking for something more toned down, this may not be for you.

The application was extremely easy and I did everything with my fingers in 5 minutes. I think that lead to a bit of fallout but nothing too messy.

Overall they are fantastic products and I cannot wait for the holiday season so I can use them all the time.

Andy Z.

I've only recently started to explore the Charlotte Tilbury line and while I think a few of her products are a tad overrated, these eye shadows are unbelievable!

There is something so beautifully multi-dimensional about this formula that I don't find the need to use any other eye shadows with it; it has depth, shine, outstanding color payoff, and blends like a dream. Per Charlotte's recommendation, I apply this all over the lid with my finger and then use a blending brush to work it into the crease and blend the edges (the Goss 06 is a great option). Smoke it out a bit, add a "feline flick" with the kohl pencil, and be ready to dazzle!