Charlotte Tilbury

Bar Of Gold Palette


Tara C.
Golden Gorgeous

I’m so in love with this it’s almost to pretty to use! I love everything I’ve bought from this brand it’s luxurious yet affordable 😍

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Kelli C.
Gorgeous colors yet...

The colors are gorgeous but I feel like to get any kind of payout you have to dig your brush into the pans to pick up any product. It's a very dry formula and hard pressed so it takes some work to really pick up any pigment. Once you have the product on your face though, it's stunning and doesn't emphasize any texture.

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Michelle  M.
Gorgeous highlight pallet

Works well on my tan skin tone...melts into your skin and super glowy...may need to buy me a back CT products

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Lixia L. Team
Ultra Smooth Sheen

I purchased this per Emily P’s recommendation and I really have to thank her for guiding me to this absolute gem! I was not convinced that I needed it since have quite a few highlighter singles and palettes in my collection. After trying this palette out, I see that this type of finish with a highlighter is actually quite unique to my collection. Most of the highlighters I own aim to give you that glow that can be seen from a distance. While these types of highlighters are very glowy in finish, they actually contain quite a few micro shimmers that can be seen up close upon inspection. This is not the look I can go for on a daily basis since I don’t wear much makeup everyday. For days that i just want a healthy sheen, these three shades offer the most stunning and undetectable glow.

I’m able to utilize all three shades with my light-medium, NC 20 skin tone. Initially, I thought the gold shade would be too dark. However, the finely milled and reflective pigments actually make the shade look lighter than what I would imagine upon application. Highlighter palettes have the advantage of allowing you to mix and match all three shades and create the perfect shade of highlight you desire on that day. On days I go without makeup but didn’t want to sacrifice that glow, I will any shade lightly using my Wayne Goss 02 Brush. I would highly recommend the Sonia G Sculpt Four if you would like to get the most glow from these powders, or any highlighting powders for that matter. With the quality of these powders, I’m sure the finish will not disappoint with any highlighting brush you have on hand!

Emily P. Team

I have a love-hate relationship with highlighter, but I couldn't help but swoon at how cute the design of the palette is. I mostly stay away from highlighter because of my dry skin. Most highlighters cling to my dryness and look rather patchy.

However, when I picked this trio up I was shockingly amazed. This product is the perfect amount of glow that I want, as it gives my skin a glow from within. It doesn't give the typical blinding effect that most highlighter fans might expect but, it is a lovely kiss of light. I also have to say that this is great for those who are begging to experiment with highlighter, as it goes on light and can be built up to something more blinding.

This looks lovely on most skin tones and can see this becoming a cult classic! Charlotte has rumored this to be a limited edition item so pick it up whenever you can and don't miss out on this gorgeous palette!

Sharon T.

I love these for highlighting. Oh my they are so beautiful. It really looks like gold. Blend Wonderfull with my Wayne Goss brushes.

Tatyana P.
Ugly palette
Tatyana P.'s Review Image I have received my parcel and when I opened the box with highlighter I saw THIS. Its a 1st time ever I got broken product. The quality is so-so, I see only frost, big glitters + it blends uneven on the skin. How could I pay for this 58$?! Ugly palette.