Quercetin & Oak Antiwrinkle Night Cream


Andrea M.
Smells like my grandmother

Nice feel & works well enough but the smell is off putting...but! A little dab goes a very long way which is nice since my skin is very dry & usually drinks up anything I put on it.

Julianne J.
Interesting creme

I got a round, circular packet sample of this on my last Sephora trip. I love that they load you up with samples- I still have so many to use! I still have a few more uses of this sample but figured I'd review this even before I finished it up. The first time I put this on was at night, after cleansing. It has that all-natural smell, which I don't always enjoy, honestly. Smells a little like Burt's Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub. So that was a little off-putting but I got used to it/don't mind that much. I might have used too much the first time, but even with a regular amount, this sort of sits on the skin surface to lock in moisture. Even after having this on as a day cream I can still feel it and smell it on my skin's surface. I like when a moisturizer sinks into my skin, so this felt a little weird. But, as a night creme, you're not really aware of it on your skin. I kinda like that it has that balm-like, thick texture. I also like to use this in spots of my face that need some more TLC and extra moisture. My brows and inner eye area get very flaky so I like packing this on in that area, night or day. I haven't noticed any anti-aging benefits because I have no signs of aging right now, so can't comment on that. I like that the sample lasted a few weeks and that it was easy enough to squeeze out of the packet and even easier to depot into my Lancome Benefait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Sunscreen sample jar. I deposited it into the jar's lip so it wouldn't interfere with the creme below. Its easy to decipher from the product below because of its thicker texture and more ivory color. Would I buy this again? Probably not, but I am glad I got the opportunity to try it- it is a very unique product. I also have been dying to try a Korres product, so this was a great way to get to test-drive something from their brand.

Katorra L.

Love this stuff. Found it online at Sephora in a tube. I purchaed it after looking at some photos of my self at 16 and noticing a some loss in elasticity that once was present. After the first few nights I could visually see and fell tightening in my skin. The body heals it self while sleep so this products gives it's best results if used during the night.