Beauty Product Reviews

For 5 bucks is ok...

While I like the texture and how easy to blend this is... It oxides to a really ugly unnatural color... also is a tad bit too pink-ish, but for 5 bucks is way better than Rimmel's poreless clean makeup. A little covers enough, but in my face after 2 hours... looks like an oil slick gone bad... rlly bad...

Mixed Feelings

I bought this foundation at Walmart and it was about 4.43, which it was awesome but I'm just gonna put the cons and pros

Pros: ITS CHEAP! AND IT WORKS REALLY WELL FOR ITS PRICE. the spatula keeps it mess free. the coverage its absolutely great (at least for me). Isnt heavy at all. Cons: It oxides like hell!!!!!!!!! gets oily on me like after 4 hours I cant set it. is not sweat resistant -.- dries fast and if not well blended can leave marks. hard to work with**

I think thats all. **The reason why I placed the hard to work in the cons is because is the kind of foundation that you need to work side, by side, by side. To me is not an issue bcuz the Colorstay dries even faster and thats the foundation I use most of the time, so blending this one was no big deal.

a miracle

I have really short, down looking eyelashes, but this mascara totally changes that. I use an eyelash curler and then 2 or 3 coats of this mascara and the result is amaizing <3

Excelent for the Price

I own both the shampoo and conditioner and I loooooooove them and so does my boyfriend. It smells divine and it leaves my flat fine hair looking like a lions mane and feeling soft and silky. My boyfriend can keeps his hands off my hair... which I love <3

I like this product a lot. It cleans but its gentle at the same time so you can use it every day and In your whole body. I like the smell. It smells kinda weird but nothing too bad or anything. I discovered this product a few years ago when I was using, not epiduo, but the medicine before that one (i forgot the name), and I wasnt supposed to expose myself to the sun with the medicine on bcuz my skin was sensible and all that, so I used this soap to clean my face every morning and the results were awesome, my acne cleared up immensely and ive been using it ever since <3


I wouldn't change this fondation even if discontinued. I would go to the ends of hell and back for it cuz its absolutely amazing and I loooooooooooooove it. I wear it everyday and It was hard at first to deal with it cuz it dries kinda fast, but its all about the tricks and techniques and I have found mine. I tried photoready and I was rlly hoping for it to be just as good as this one, but In my skin, photoready after 2 hours would look like a hot HOT mess. I don't have that problem with this one. I've been with this foundation close to 20 hours, yes I do have to retouch a bit and sometimes, not alwayz, and it looks amaizing!. I would recommend this to anyone