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Stays fresh all day and really opaque!

I work long hours in a kitchen, therefore don't have time to check on my makeup EVER, but I wore this to work (deep red color 11; also have very deep purple shade 04) because I was so excited about it. I really started to see how good it was when all the guys kept teasing me about touching up my makeup when I came back from the bathroom. I was like..."Yeah right, I don't have time for that!" And then a lady I work with asked me towards the end of the day, "How is your lipstick still on??!" That made me really look at myself in the mirror and I have to say that it really did stay damn near perfect all day! Highly recommended!

First lip product with NO feathering whatsoever! Sticky as hell...

I have three color of these: Brilliant Bourdeaux (deep wine purple), Top Tomato (classic bright red), and Miracle Mauve (barely noticeable compared to my lips).

They are really easy to apply with their doe-foot applicator. It is easy to get a really smooth and clean line on the edge of the lips and I used no lip liner. The color is opaque; the first coat dries close to instantly (with OR without a lip balm or base) and it is as opaque as you want it to be with another coat. The color is vibrant (ESPECIALLY Top Tomato - this color is such a perfect bright red in about one coat...Brilliant Bordeaux needs 3 layers to be perfectly opaque). Also should mention the packaging allows you to get pretty much ever drop of product out.

I worked a full shift with these on my lips without touching up and only checked it once before I got home and it looked almost exactly as it did when I put it on. I ate, drank, etc. (not huge intense meals though, just snacking) and it still looked perfect with no fading OR feathering at all, and every lipstick feathers on me! I noticed slight fading with Brilliant Bordeaux, but I had a lot of drinks was bound to rub off slightly ;) .

The only thing is that they dry but they remain "sticky". Not sticky/goopy like a lip gloss - when I put my lips together they "glue" together and I literally have to PULL them apart. I tried to mask it with a balm but it absorbed right through the lipstick and into my lips and left me where I started with glued lips (although no effect to the color at all) and a gloss (just made it seem stickier). Basically I can't take the stickiness! Blech.

If you can't handle a sticky lip situation then these will make you crazy.

Great to the last drop!

I used to LOVE the Seche Vite fast drying top coat but a couple years ago I got this one to try. It dries just as fast and shiny as Seche Vite but SV gets so thick halfway through the bottle that it gets chunky and hard to spread on the nails. You will not have that problem with the China Glaze one!! It does get a bit thicker when you get to about a quarter bottle but still very usable. But just to warn, the smell is INSANELY strong like gasoline or something - stronger than nail polish is in general.

Not creamy enough

These aren't creamy and don't glide on nicely like other kohl liners that I like. I noticed that a couple colors are pretty hard so can't easily make a dark line around the eyes; you have to go over the line a few times before it is dark enough, which really bothers my eyes. The colors are pretty but it takes more work then I want to use to get the color to be true.

Creases, cakes easily, doesn't cover blemishes well

This concealer has a borderline sticky/moist consistency that NEEDS to be set with a powder. Even when it is set with a powder, it still develops creasing and kind of slips away throughout the day. It doesn't work well with hiding blemishes and is only OK at covering under eyes. Makes it really apparent if you have dry skin around your eyes because it kind of soaks into it and doesn't blend out. I also have almost yellow skin, especially when I get color in the summer and this seems to have a pink undertone that doesn't blend well at all with my skin.

Too slick for me but great color pay off over even dark lips

While the pigmentation on these is really good I don't like them because they are so slick. I prefer lipsticks that stay put and kind of dry. These are so moist/wet and never dry and they kind of slip right of my lips in a sense and easily smudge.

The color selection is great and all the ones I have tried have amazing color pay off over my dark lip color, including all of the nude colors like Rea and Honey and the light pink colors like Narcissus.

Would not purchase again. Not comparable to their eyeshadow counterparts.

I have the colors Baked (too sparkly; not enough color), Yeyo (pretty much just white sparkle with no white pigment), Shag (decent pigment), and Smog (great pigmentation and easily buildable/blendable)

So my feeling on these is mainly that the packaging sucks. I am positive that I am not the first to say this. The tube is annoying and the brush is pretty laughable. There is no way to really get product out without making a mess - the brush is stiff and causes lots of fall out and flaking. I could say that these are good without the brush but I am reviewing this as it was meant to be used. As far as the colors themselves, I find that a couple of them have too much shimmer/sparkle and not enough color pay off (Yeyo and Baked), while some do still have good color. Also, some apply better than others and some are flakier and messy. And all but Smog DEFINITELY need a sticky base if you want the color to show up and you don't want pigment spread all over your face. The packaging keeps me from using these at all.

Pretty colors - that's about it...

I had been checking these out at Sephora for the longest time - the colors are SO pretty! I finally bought the bright purple one (I think for around $19) and I regret it big time. IDK if it is just this color?? It is really kind of thick/goopy and damn near chunky. Which makes it really hard to spread. I have to go over the line many times to make it opaque and it still doesn't look nice and smooth. The brush isn't stiff enough to aid in spreading the product out, and does not come to a nice point whatsoever so makes it really difficult to shape the line nicely. The bottle is shaped like a sphere and the brush does not go all the way to the bottom so it is really hard to get all the product out and the product is too thick to shake onto the brush. I also find that if you get too much product on the brush, you still can't win because when you scrape it back into the tube you practically are left with none on the brush at all because it is so thick it won't soak into the brush. Can you tell I don't like this? Will not repurchase or recommend to anyone.

As good as any other primer and only a dollar!

This was (I think) the first primer that I ever used and it works great. No creasing at all with this and I find it just as good as my TFSI. I always recommend this to friends who ask for makeup advice. It is only a dollar so not much to lose and at Target, so also really convenient!

Too stiff for a liner, but good as a base

I do not like these as a liner. They are much too thick/stiff and hard to spread in a line. I prefer gel liners that are pretty soft and glide on really easily. It is just too much trouble for me when I have others with easier application. I do love the color of the blue though - and while I pass on these as a liner, these make great eye shadow bases. I just never find myself grabbing for these.

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