Smudge Pot Collection


Raven N.
Too stiff for a liner, but good as a base

I do not like these as a liner. They are much too thick/stiff and hard to spread in a line. I prefer gel liners that are pretty soft and glide on really easily. It is just too much trouble for me when I have others with easier application. I do love the color of the blue though - and while I pass on these as a liner, these make great eye shadow bases. I just never find myself grabbing for these.

Mery P.
Amazing eyeliner, and kitten is an amazing base!

These are amazing! Totally pigmented eyeliner that looks amazing on the eyes. The only thing is the brush... I needed another brush to apply it, but otherways the product is great!

Karen W.
eyeliner that doesn't smudge

These work great as eyeliner. I find them too thick to use as shadow.The blue and purple are both so vibrant. I just wouldn't use the brush that comes with it though!