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Does not make my oily skin more oily

I switched up from my previous SPF 40 sunscreen to this simply because of the SPF 50 factor and the product received good reviews.

Totally agree with the other reviewers, this is a lovely moisturizing sunscreen. I still wear my face serum and cream, wait a bit then apply the sunscreen, which has the texture of a face cream and disappears into the skin upon application. I then apply my oil-control primer over it before concealer/foundation etc.

Zero issues with product piling or any extra oiliness throughout the day.

Have not had any breakouts or whiteheads/blackheads since using the sunscreen.

Expensive but definitely worth it.

A good mattifiying loose face powder

I got this face powder since I'm enjoying my other ND products (eyeshadows, lipstick palettes, her foundations plus primers).

My skin type is oily and a medium-deep colour. The medium dark powder blends well with my skin colour, there's no ashiness. I apply it after colour correction/concealing and/or foundation. Have not used it alone over moisturizer.

The loose powder comes in a standard jar with an inner rotating lid that has small holes. You can control how much powder to shake out and rotate the inner lid to close the holes, so there's no risk of opening the outer lid and being welcomed by a cloud of excessive powder.

I am surprised at how it keeps my skin relatively matte throughout the day. Don't have to use any blotting powders at all. I wear it over my ND glow foundation (colour shade #75). Yes, the face powder takes away the overall glow of the foundation but in colder months, I prefer a matte look. The powder doesn't cause any cakiness or creasing of my undereyes over my concealer. No uncomfortable dryness. I don't do any sandbagging or baking in my application method, so not sure how the powder will fare for those who use these techniques. I just dust powder on lightly with my face brush and gently buff + blend.

The powder is similar to a discontinued Estée Lauder loose powder I used years ago (no, I'm not old + elderly ☺️ just not technically young anymore 🙃). It's also similar to the finish you get with the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation.

I didn't give the product 5 stars simply because my Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush Flawless Finish powder gives a more soft, smooth finish. It's my favourite powder to set my make-up with, however, the CT powder is not as mattifiying as the ND product.

  • Tan
Skin looked ashy on my medium-deep skin

I'm experimenting with CC creams to wear over weekends and on "lazy make-up days". I wish IT Cosmetics had a larger range of shades. This is the 3rd product I've tried from IT where the main issue is the colour of the product. Previously tried the Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-aging concealer in Tan and Bye Bye Under Eye Colour Corrector in Medium - the shades were just too cool and the next shade would have been too dark.

My foundation colour reference: KA SSE SX11/KA SSF #8/ND Glow #75/ND Phenomattic Flawless Texture #7/MAC Studio Fix NC43.5.

The CC cream applies easily, but it's not as light-weight as the By Terry CC Cream (a much more liquid product). After application, I am aware throughout the day that I've got product on my face, since my skin felt tight and dry over my cheeks. I've got oily skin, the one plus was that the oil seemed to be kept under control. The Tan shade did not colour correct my hyperpigmentation areas, so these areas looks very ashy, despite me applying spot colour correction prior to applying the CC cream.

In comparison, the By Terry CC Cream in Tan did not make my problem areas ashy and my skin looked more even toned, radiant and healthy.

It's a pity, since I really liked the fact that there's a built-in SPF 50, which the By Terry CC Cream doesn't have and the IT CC Cream is half the price.

Until the shade range improves and increases, I'm not going to be trying out any more IT products. Will rather splurge and continue using the By Terry CC Cream.

Perfect shade for my medium-deep skin tone

I originally got the dark shade and realized that it was a tad deep for me. The dark shade however pairs well with my Kevin Aucoin SSF in #8, since that's my lightest shade foundation.

Hence I got the medium shade and it is perfect for my other foundations.

Foundation colour references: KA SSE SX11/KA SSF #8/ND Glow #75/By Terry Moisturizing CC Cream in Tan/MAC NC43.5 in Studio Fix.

It looks misleadingly too light in the compact for a medium-deep skin tone like mine. But upon application, it blends well and leaves my skin looking soft and feeling smooth. It's not drying and doesn't feel cakey or heavy on the skin. Doesn't settle into creases under my eyes.

A definite must-have item :)

Perfect pick-me-up for the mornings

Got this for my morning cleansing routine. Wanted a cleansing balm in a tube that would also be easy to travel with instead of having to take a large 200ml tub.

The balm smells great, slightly aromatic - I get a scent of cloves spice. After leaving it on for 2 minutes, it washes off without leaving any greasy residue. Skin feels clean and super-soft. I no longer tone in the mornings since using this cleanser.

Price-point: definitely more value for money when you compare it to the Eve Lom jar cleanser wrt mls per $.

Beautiful long lashes with nil issues in application

Shame! I feel so sorry for this mascara. It's received such poor reviews and so many people have had issues with the mascara clumping or smudging and flaking off. I was worried that I'd made a mistake in ordering it but ... I'm loving my new mascara :)

The brush is bigger than what I'm used to but it is still easy to use. Nearly all my lashes are coated individually. The lashes are lengthened beautifully and look full. I use a lash comb (the Rae Morris metal comb one) to separate the odd one or two lashes, which is what I always do after applying any brand of mascara. But definitely no clumping per say or any blobs of mascara sitting on lashes.

I apply 4 coats and the mascara dries quickly. Definitely do not experience "wet lashes" like some of the other reviewers. I also have no issues with transfer or flaking throughout the day; my under eyes are clean right until I remove my make-up at night.

My application method: I don't curl my lashes pre-mascara (I forget/too lazy) and with my Legendary Lashes, I don't "wiggle" the brush from the base, like usually do with my other mascaras. Just simply move from the base to tip then repeat. I only apply mascara to my top lashes (personal preference) so no lower lash smudging occurs.

I've previously used Benefit's They're Real and Clinique's High Impact. Quite happy to switch over to Legendary Lashes.

I'm not a fan of the final 3 looks that Charlotte Tilbury has on her website - find those lashes look very clumpy with tiny blobs everywhere. But it's all personal taste I guess and I'm really happy with my Legendary Lashes purchase and my (non-clumpy) final look :)

One of my staple colour correcting products

I've now got both the Peach and Papaya shades - previously posted the Papaya review and have already re-ordered a 2nd tub. My skin is medium-deep with warm undertones. I use the Peach for neutralizing the lighter discolouration on my cheeks and the Papaya for the darker areas around my mouth + on the chin. The balm-like product is easy to blend; it's not thick or heavy at all. The only reason why I haven't given the Backlight Colour Correcting Crèmes a full 5 stars is because I don't find it suitable for my dark under eyes - the colour correction in this area fades quickly for some reason (despite applying an eye primer beforehand) and I look tired again. The texture of the product also makes it difficult to "spot" correct. It's an excellent product to use over larger hyperpigmented areas. I've got oily skin which can be acne prone if I'm not careful with my skin care. Been using the products for a few weeks now with zero issues, it's now a staple item in my colour correction range.

Gives a very natural "non-sparkly" glow

Wonderful golden stuff - I'm now using my 3rd bottle :) I've got medium-deep skin with a warm undertone. Been using the product in 2 ways:

1) To thin down foundations. I blend it with my thick Kevin Aucoin SSE in order to sheer it down for easy application. The final look is a gorgeous dewy glow. This blend provides medium coverage. I used to prime with MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizer, then switched primers to use either the KA Primed Skin Developer N/O or the Natasha Denona Magic Primer Anti-Shine Flawless Face Base. I now find I get better oil-control and more longegivity out of my KA liquid highlighter/SSX foundation blend.

2) Applied directly onto skin as a highlighter. Gives a very natural highlight; no obvious disco-ball glitter particles :) It achieves a similar look to the Natasha Denona Face Glow Cream Shimmer - I use the medium shade. On my skin, the KA Candlelight comes off as slightly more lighter golden than the ND Medium shade, which has a deeper warmth to it.

I'm quite happy (remember ... 3rd bottle!) with the golden Candlelight shade for my skin tone. The Starlight shade looks very pretty but I don't think its pink undertone will suit my warm skintone. The Starlight looks comparable with the ND Light shade Face Glow Cream Shimmer. So I reckon this will suit neutral to cool skin toned girls; it's great that KA has expanded its highlighter shades.

1 bottle lasts me for about a year with regular use.

Long lasting moisture, good lip primer

I got this a while back from another online store for the sole purpose of using it as a lip primer. Forgot about it. Then I read the single lonesome 5 star review here on Beautylish and pulled out the lip balm again. Jeannie, thanks for posting your review :)

It really is a moisturizing lip balm and I love wearing it underneath my Anastasia Beverly Hills and MAC Retro Matte liquid lip colours (I enjoy the colours, but they are so drying on my lips). The lip balm prevents that dried up, aging lip look, stopped the liquid lipstick from feathering and my lips just felt comfortable throughout the day. My liquid lipstick had good longegivity and I usually refresh once only either midday or in the afternoon with a re-application of the lip balm plus liquid lipstick.

To quote Jeannie ... "love, love, love!"

A beautiful deep brown shade

Love the texture of the Armour Beauty glosses - not too sticky, great longegivity and excellent colour pay-off. I don't feel the need to line my lips before applying the gloss. The only reason why I'm giving the Foxy gloss 4 stars and not 5 is due to the colour. I used the Beautylish model images next to the product to decide on my colour choice. The Foxy shade came across as a warmer shade, which I really liked, on the deeper skin toned model in comparison to the lighter skin toned model. I'm a medium-deep skin tone. For some reason, the Foxy pulls a "dark cool brown" shade on my lips. It's not as warm as I'd expected it to be. I can work with the gloss, just have to use a lighter hand in application to avoid the intense cool dark brown lip look.

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