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CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

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Sitha D.

Works great for my skin and it has SPF. Don't have load tons of product. Color is a bit darker shade from my skin tone

Mariana F.
always a favorite!

one of the greatest foundations i have used, i do not call it just a CC cream because it delivers a lot more, it's full coverage! i only wish they take out the citrus and eucalyptus oils from the ingredients - the only reason why i'm afraid to use it everyday so it doesnt irritate my skin.

Susan N.

This is a great product, it comes in a tube with a pump at he end. I only do a 1/2 pump as it's thick and a little goes a long way. It has a mild scent which is ok. It goes on really nice, blends fantastic and covers really well. I have a hard to match skin color so I'm really happy with how well it blends with several of my other products (depending on what the occasion is). It finishes so good. I'll defiantly buy again might try a shade lighter next time.

Kali K.
Can Go Heavy Coverage

Wow. So this isn’t one of those light BB Creams. This is a full on foundation that’s safe for pregnant women. I found that ONE PUMP of this can cover my face & all its blemishes. I was seriously stunned. I just wish there was a way for me to double check my shade before ordering. For example, if I use a certain shade from MAC it would correspond to this shade from IT. Otherwise, totally love it. Next time will go a shade lighter.

A M.

Allergy, red spots on skin😭 Allergy, red spots on skin😭 Allergy, red spots on skin😭 Allergy, red spots on skin😭

McKayla S.
Perfect CC Cream

I would always laugh at how dramatic the advertisement for this product was in the makeup stores. I didn't think this product had any merit until I finally tried a travel size. I was shocked at how well it seemed to form and become a part of my skin. It blends so well, has made my skin look amazing, and isn't heavy at all. It really looks like your skin! I definitely recommend this product!

Ildiko S.
Great product

it is my third bottle. I like it in winter because it has enough SPF. Not full coverage, but medium to full.

Haley S.
Full. Coverage.

Perfect. I use this like a foundation. It’s moisturizing and is full coverage. Doesn’t settle into lines and blends perfectly.

Abbie S.

This foundation Cc cream is a miracle worker! I have an oily skin and no other foundation has helped me before(meaning it never stayed on my face for long, was creasing around the edges and was wearing off. it would also grow new pimples on my face).

But this foundation is everything! it prevents from new pimples to grow, it is wearable for a long period of time and it doesn't smear or anything.

i highly recommend it!

Ildiko S.
Nice for dry skin

The new shade Fair-Light is perfect for me, because before I had to mix the shade Fair with the shade Light to match my skin tone. In the winter mixed with a little oil is great. Nice for dry skin

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