Beauty Product Reviews

This is amazing.

I really love this product, it makes my face flawless and it doesn't do anything bad and its easy to take off. I'm in love with it. favorite make up foundation so far..

Love It

I love this product. this gives your lips a nice tinted color to it if your lips are pale and dry, it helps. I also love this color it leaves after its all done.

Love it!

I love this straightener, it heats up so quickly and it leaves your hair really straight and smooth, I would recommend this product, it does wonders to your hair. this is a good straightener compared to the ones that don't work as good .

Doesn't really work.

I don't really like this one, the colors are all different. doesn't really match anything. the color fades away after a few hours, I bought this palette and I didn't like it because of it colors but its just my taste in eye shadows but we all like our own things.

Nice Color

I like this small palette, great for dinner parties. the colors are very nice as well, it's not to bold but it works for some occasions but I would recommend this product.


This is a great shade, its amazing. I love the color as well, gives your lip a nice tint. I recommend this product. hope you others agree with me. :)


this product is so amazing, it heals your lips and takes all the dead skin off, its great for an every day look. good for the winter, summer but they don't taste very good and they are good for any occasion, but other than that I absolutely recommend this product