Beauty Product Reviews

Instantly soft supple lips!

Your lips can be dry chapped and covered in dead skin buy you put this on and in five minutes your lips are soft and moisturized. I also like to use this as a moisturizer before and after exfoliating my lips, different from all my other balms in the way it makes my lips feel, i have burts bees, eos, and nivea but this one is a definite favorite!

Love it

Picked it out for christmas, And my sis got it. My everyday smell! Fresh yet warm. Idk i love it! Fresh spring inspired scent. Summer appropriate as well. But i wear it after my showers and out every single day

Not a fan

I love all the juicy perfume line EXCEPT for this it actually just kinda stinks. I feel like it smells gross idk what it is but something is definitely off.

Great fresh scent

This and turquatic are my go to everyday favs for scent been wearing it since eleventh grade and im a junior in college now. On my third bottle plus i keep a sample size in my purse but i never even need it because staying power lasts great!

Fav lippie brand

Lipstick was great! I own several and have yet to be disappointed! They are great and still adding to my collection! This particular color though is my EVERYDAY go to color whenever i cant decide which lip color to wear. No gloss needed.