Juicy Couture

Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture


Salma A.

I always, always, ALWAYS wear this perfume! I love how seasonal it is and it's scent. It's really boho- indie type and it smells like jasmine right away. The bottle is adorable too; you can take the pretty little beads and tassels off but I preffer them on the bottle. It is somewhat "musky", not much of an eau de toilette because it's not the lightest of all fragrances. But overall it matches my personality and clothing and I absolutely love it! :)

Corbyn B.

I didn't have good luck with the first Juicy Couture scent but this one has became my signature scent. It's very light and girly, I wear this often and I get many compliments when I wear this scent.

Lani W.
It was my main scent for 2011

Hi my name is Lani, and I'm a perfume addict. lol. I have restless scent syndrome. I can not settle on one smell for much over a year. This was my most recent smell. I loved it! and the charmed bottle.

Brownmoriah D.
Not a fan

I love all the juicy perfume line EXCEPT for this it actually just kinda stinks. I feel like it smells gross idk what it is but something is definitely off.

Megan U.

I don't actually own this perfume, but I love the original Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy and was super excited for this one to come out. However, when I tried it on in the store (and, yes, I kept shopping and waited for it to "settle in"), I thought it smelled terrible on me! I wanted to love it because I love the other two and bc of the great description of "earthly beauty," but I just found it was really stinky on me. Almost like a gardenia or something...