Ralph Lauren


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Brownmoriah D.
Great fresh scent

This and turquatic are my go to everyday favs for scent been wearing it since eleventh grade and im a junior in college now. On my third bottle plus i keep a sample size in my purse but i never even need it because staying power lasts great!

Paula S.

This is my ultimate fragance. I have always love it! When I combine this fragance with vanilla lace spray from VS it's a bomb, guys ask me which is that delicious fragance I'm using. No joke.

Beauty P.

This is the BOMB!! I swear its like the best perfume ever. One of my all time favorites! It smells soooo good and last on you for a while! Everybody should own one of this babies seriouslyy! (:

Brenda X.
My summer love

Very fruty, fresh and energizing scent but girly and sexy at the same time! It is perfect for wear everyday, in the day and spring-summer time. I used to wear it when I was in high school but I still love it! hahaha

Nik Von B.
Fresh Summer Scent

I have worn this perfume since high school! Eep 12 years! Its fresh, young, a bit fruity and just very summery. It doesn't overwhelm. It is zesty; definitely some mandarin present. It has stood the test of time because I still love it.

Sonia C.

If you knew me in high school you knew that I practically took a shower in this stuff. This is the perfect scent all year long. Now I have to go get another bottle!!