Beauty Product Reviews

Sweet and fruity fragrance in a cute bottle

I'm not a Taylor Swift fan but the moment I smelled this perfume, I was sold. It smells amazing! It smells sweet and fruity and is perfect for any occasion. The bottle's pretty cute too. Definitely one of those products I would buy again if it empties!

Lovely texture + lasts long

My everyday go-to brow pencil. I love the texture of the pencil (and it remains having that texture for months so that's a thumbs up), the shade's perfect for me, it's long-lasting and very easy to use. The little brow brush at the end is a bonus. In my opinion, it's worth the money. There are probably other just as good brow pencils out there for less money but I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with this baby. Love it!

Holy Grail product

I use this for three things; as a setting spray, a skin refresher and as a pigments-spray for eyeshadows. Whatever I use it for, it does it's job amazingly. It keeps my make-up in place and makes my skin feel fresh and refreshed. If I spray it onto my brush before dipping in an eyeshadow, it magnifies the pigmentation and it stays long longer. Mac Fix+ is definitely a Holy Grail product!

A gorgeous nude; perfect for ladies with thin lips!

I love all the shades but I only have Curviest Caramel. It's a gorgeous nude color which goes great with any look! It's very moisturizing and is as pigmented as a lipstick. I have thin lips and a pale-medium skin so most lipsticks are too harsh on me. This one's perfect though! If my Curviest Caramel Chubby Stick is used up, I'll definitely buy it again. My favorite lipbalm/lipstick ever!

Little fallout but would buy again!

I have the shades Zodiac, Space Cowboy and Moonspoon. I love these to spice up my night time looks - it's ridiculous how much I love these glitter eyeshadows. The pigmentation is amazing, as always. There's a little fallout but I don't mind; I would buy any of these again in a heartbeat. Most used: Moonspoon. Most loved: Zodiac.

Gorgeous and unique colors + amazing pigmentation!

Gorgeous, unique colors; amazing pigmentation; lovely packaging. In my opinion, this palette is definitely underrated by the beauty world. It's gorgeous. If you intend to have dozens of basic colors palettes (nudes, browns, blacks, etc) and you want some variation, I think this one's a must-have!

Gorgeous colors, lovely packaging and versatile!

This palette is definitely my go-to and all-time favorite palette. As all Urban Decay eyeshadows, the colors are crazy pigmented and stay on a long time, even without a primer. I love the combination of the colors and you can create a trillion different looks by just this one palette. You can have a day time chique look to a party ready look and so much more. I use this palette all the time and it's lovely. In my opinion, this beats Naked. Can't say if it beats Naked 3 because I haven't gotten the chance to order it yet. Bottom line: gorgeous colors, lovely packaging and versatile. Love it!