Beauty Product Reviews

I love Ed Hardy! The smells and the clothing and products...I had a bottle of this, but I guess loved it TOO much I ran out. This smell is great for everyday. I would wear it wherever I went and kept the bottle in my purse, hence running out. I need to get more. This smell is sexy and wonderfully sweet. I think of sugar coated fruit! Need more ASAP!

I've smelled this stuff and I want it. I haven't been able to afford it, being in between jobs, But I am a major Ga Ga fan and a month before this was announced, I was talking about I hope she was going to come out with a fragrance. Love the design, the color of the liquid and the smell. I would think this is what she smells like on a daily basis. If someone wants to contribute to a broke fashionista send me a bottle!!!

purple kitty bottle.....yes please. The smell is great and the bottle is better. I also have the meow in the solid necklace. Good Job! I think I put this stuff on everyday, I bought the gift pack from Penny's, came with the glimmer lotion, body wash, purse bottle and the beautiful kitty bottle, for $60! Can't beat that! I've used just about everything up I love the smell so much!

I use this stuff everyday. not really sure why, but it just seems right. I love the fact that it somewhat covers my dark circles, but don't put the tube upside down in your makeup bag...will leak. I wish it would really correct the dark circles, that's the only reason I'm so so about this stuff. It was pricey, and was wanting a little more bang for my buck, but I love Garnier, from their make up to hair products, so I'll stick with this stuff, but I won't be buying anymore....sorry guys

I've been using powder blushes for quite sometime and need a change, I love the matt finish this product gives, it makes my cheeks look fresh and cute. This pink goes with anything, I will be getting the other shades, very pleased with this blush, it also works great as a blush base, if you really want to get that sharp cheek line, use it as a primer, then apply a powder blush on top.

Get this stuff. Have dry lips? Can't find anything that works? I carry this stuff to bed, in my pocket, even in my PJ's. I have super dry lips and they have made a complete 360 since using this. It's not expensive and is totally worth it. I was buying berts bees but after drying several 8 dollar chap sticks, I needed something that I could afford to put in the dryer and still get the same effects. This stuff does it. I make sure and tell anyone who listens...or just random people( even men) to stop buying crap and get a baby lips.....

P.s. My husband uses the clear :)

I've been lusting over this stuff for awhile in fashion mags, and finally got the eternal black. I love the shimmer and the bold color, but be careful, it can make a mess in a hurry. Great for cutting your crease or to use as a liner. Primer, primer, primer to make this stuff really pop, haven't tried any other colors, I'm a budget drug store kid, and these are alittle expensive, so it's one at a time....

I LOVE THIS STUFF! Best bright liquid drug store eyeliner I have ever found, I usually don't use it with anything, nude lips and eyeshadow and let this stuff steal the show. I love how super water proof it is, stays on forever....sometimes even the next day ha!

I have been using my HIP for five years now, love this stuff, super bright, stays on great,don't have to many problems with creasing or smudging, I have most of the duo collection, and really miss the cream eyeshadow. If you ever got the chance to use this stuff, it came in a plastic tray with a brush and what looked like a paint tube you would get for oil paints, great for base or primer! Love my Loreal!