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My skin needed some rescuing so went to my local lush and found this! I wasn't sure what to expect and doesn't help the fact I'm petrified of seaweed! (LOL!) but after getting over my fear and tightly closing my eyes I slapped some on and ... MY SKIN FELT AND LOOKED AMAZING! I also use it on dry patches on my skin ie my knees and elbows. The smell is really nice too: I will never use anything on my face which smells horrible/nasty but this is a nice pleasant smell.

Works wonders!

I have always dyed and used heat on my hair but 2 years ago my hair took a turn for the worst: went beyond the point of dry and got bad dandruff. I brought this little beauty and I have never looked back! I wash my hair with either one of LUSH's shampoos or AUSSIE then slap some of this on wrap my hair up in a towel for 5-10 mins rinse it out and TADAA! Letting my hair dry naturally it tames my hair (I have VERY frizzy hair) and it just got my hair back to good health. Now when ever I feel my hair needs a little pick me up I reach for this. It also makes my hair (dye) last longer as it doesn't fade it!


This is my personal favourite when it comes to LUSH bath bombs. Love the layer effect (that's what I call it haha) you get a froffy bubbly layer first which is so softening to the skin, then all colours start to intermingle then gold glitter starts to come out. It's so relaxing watching it fizz away in the bath as it goes back and forth: all your worries/aches & pains just seem to fizz away!

One of my favourites!

This is one of my favourite bath bombs when it comes to LUSH! Love the way it fizzes in the bath & then the flower floats around: it's so relaxing! And my skin feels lovely afterwards.


I've been using this for years and would be so lost without it! It's so good for my skin! I have to be-careful as I find many products to harsh/tough for my skin but this is just right and the smell!? Mmmmm LUSH!

Doesn't do much for my pores ...

I find this product doesn't do much for my pores sadly! However it is a great base and makes your skin super soft! Using this with my primer means my make up stays on (even if I'm caught in the rain!) therefore only 3 stars as it does nothing really when it comes to my pores.

Both eyeshadows go on really easy and stay on all day even without primer. The pink is lovely and I use that for the day, the blue is a very dark blue which is stunning and compliments the pink very well. Easy to use these eyeshadows either for day or night or both. Can't beat Laura geller eyeshadows got 3 now!:)

Love it: from someone who never used bronzer!

I never use bronzer but I brought a set and this came with it so I just had to give it ago. Because i am very light no matter what bronzer always looks ridiculous on me (even a professional said to avoid bronzer) but this is fabulous! You can easily build it up and it blends very well so it's not harsh, looks lovely on and it lasts for ages! I've still got mine 6 months later and I've used it pretty much every day!


I have never been able to fault Laura Geller eye shadows. Even without primer they stay on all day and hardly move/fade. You can easily take the colours from day to night and I love the fact that you get two shades in one, they always compliment each other well!

Couldn't live with out it!

After using this I have never looked at anything else! Nothing can beat this! And I mean nothing, I have tried so many others and nothing comes close to this! It's light on the skin but gives a real good coverage and it stays on all day! Brilliant for all skin types and it's brill on my uneven skin! It gives you a healthy natural look.

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