Dragon Egg Bath Bomb


Kira-louise S.

This is my personal favourite when it comes to LUSH bath bombs. Love the layer effect (that's what I call it haha) you get a froffy bubbly layer first which is so softening to the skin, then all colours start to intermingle then gold glitter starts to come out. It's so relaxing watching it fizz away in the bath as it goes back and forth: all your worries/aches & pains just seem to fizz away!

Rena B.

The smell is sooooooooooo friggin great!!! i bought it for my mom twice and she loves it (obviously) i how u get to the center and its like a ball of golden glitter i would buy it for myself but i take showers not baths

Latia C.
Dragon's Egg = ♥

I LOOOVVVEEEEEEE this bath bomb. Every time I see it, I buy at least 4. It's almost a problem lol. I love how this smells and how it looks in my bath water. The only thing that I dislike is how easy it breaks. BUT, the breaking does not affect how the product works. Just smelling this bath bomb makes me happy haha. My favorite thing to buy from Lush hands down!

Amy E.

This us defiantly in my top 5 favorite lush products!! The smell is very citrusy and very "pick-me-up" smelling, it is a product that I always make sure I have a backup of just incase of a bad day. As well I really like that this bomb isn't super pricey in Canada ($4.95) which makes me love it even more! If someone is just trying out lush for the first time I would defiantly recommend dragon's egg!!

Cori B.

have repurchased this one a good four to five times, it is a classic for me and i hope they dont ever discontinue it, its so fresh and clean! some serious citrus going on in this one that i cant get enough of , i adore the little sparkly surprise inside too! i have only once out of all the times ive used it come out with glitter on me, so its not terribly sticky glitter either, much love!

HaileySin  R.

My favorite Lush bath bomb except for Calavera which was only available at Halloween, has a fresh citrus scent that explodes into gold glitter, also has multi coloured confetti in the first layer. My skin is always super soft after using any lush bath bombs . Also I cut my bath bombs in half so I can use them twice.

Breanne M.

I love this bath bomb! Not only is this LUSH's biggest bath bomb it has a yummy citrus smell. When you drop it in your bath, the first layer creates bubbles, the next layer is scent and moisturizing ingredients that turn your water orange. After that comes a big chunk of gold glitter. Its kind of strange and makes your tub a little messy but who wouldn't want to be bathing in a tub of gold? lol

Becky H.
I love this! But...

This has to be one of my favourite lush bath ballistics. It starts off fizzing plain white, with awesome confetti. Then it turns into a bright orange colour then melts away into ALOT of gold glitter. I was so surprised by this when I first used it as I had no idea it was going to be so glittery. The only downside to this is it leaves an oily feeling on the skin that I'm not a fan of. I love the citrus-y smell though!