Beauty Product Reviews

makes me feel smexy

i love the gorgeous purple packaging and the smell is outrageously gorgeous, i love this scent. available at a reasonable price this scent makes me go back to it every time i run out of it.

bare is quite right

this did nothing for me, it hardly left any coverage and just made my face look all chalky. however, i did buy it from a market stall for a fiver so goodness knows how long they have had it before i bought it.

i have two of these palettes, and i love them. the quality of the eyeshadows is superb and their lasting powder is amazing. i would definitely recommend them to anyone, but then again, i would, cause i'm an avon rep lol!

these like last forever, and i mean for ever. i used to have three of these, used them tons of times in my tutorials, and they never looked like they were used at all. in the end i gave them away to one of my subscribers, but i'd definitely buy them again.

i adore this mascara, i love everything about it. from the brush to the solution itself, rimmel i applaud you, this to me is the ultimate mascara. i love how it stays put and most of all i love how it makes my lashes look all fluttery.

at first i thought this mascara was the tits, but then after a while my mind started to think different as it clumps my lashes and woah, what is that smell??? would i buy this again, the answer to that is NO!

this mascara is the bomb, and it totally rocked my lashes. they are really short and stumpy but this mascara did witchcraft and made them look full and volumptious. i would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone.

great primer, but stupid container if you ask me. i had to cut it open to get the rest out of it. once out of the container i also found it started to dry out and in the end it went in the bin.