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  • Spring Trend: Highlighter Pink Products!

    Spring Trend: Highlighter Pink Products!  

    Need a pick-me-up? Dreary winter days are almost over, and that means we can look forward to next season’s bright colors. Keep reading as we sneak a peek at the best hot pink products set to hit shelves this spring.

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  • Frosted Fingertips

    Frosted Fingertips

    Glitter nails have taken the beauty world by storm! We've never seen so many different ways to make your fingers sparkle. Click through to discover which type of glitter polish you like—or already wear— the most.

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  • What's Your Lipstick Personality?

    What's Your Lipstick Personality?

    They say you can tell a lot about a woman from the hue of her lipstick, but does the shape of the bullet after a few uses speak louder than the color? Browse these sculpted lipsticks and see if your pout prediction is true.

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  • Beauty Detox: Skinny Carbs

    Beauty Detox: Skinny Carbs

    Although most women think they’ll gain weight if they eat that isn’t necessarily the case. Quinoa is one of the most nutritious forms of complex carbohydrates in the world, and by eating it your body will release energy more slowly—so you’ll stay fuller longer! This week celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder brings us a recipe for veggie turmeric quinoa, a tasty way to include quinoa (and more complex carbs) into your diet.

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  • Beautylish Befores and Afters

    Beautylish Befores and Afters

    Embracing your inner beauty is easier said than done, but with the help of our Beautylish team and amazing Beauties like you, our editorial team takes the plunge and bares all to show everyone that we are proud of who we are, even without a stitch of makeup.

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  • Best Products For Styling Natural Hair
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    Best Products For Styling Natural Hair

    Dre Brown tackles the ethnic hair care aisle and finds that when it comes to styling her natural hair, the right product matters much more than expert techniques. Keep reading for her favorite product picks.

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  • Smell Like Summer
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    Smell Like Summer

    Does the thought of cooler fall weather make you sad? Luckily, there are some delicious-smelling beauty products that will make you feel as if you're still on the beach soaking up the rays. Here are our Top 3.

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  • The Best Shoe and Pedicure Combinations
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    The Best Shoe and Pedicure Combinations

    Choosing the right nail polish to complement your shoes can sometimes be difficult. Do hot pink toes really go with silver stilletos? We show you our favorite combinations.

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  • MAC Collaborates With Cindy Sherman
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    MAC Collaborates With Cindy Sherman

    MAC has teamed up with legendary photographer Cindy Sherman, whose wildly dramatic and stylized self-portaits have become well-known through the use of of props, prosthetics, wigs, and of course, makeup.

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