Beautylish Befores and Afters


It’s easy to feel more comfortable covering up your imperfections and changing your hair to suit current trends, but the Beautylish team got the courage to photograph themselves—before and after their morning hair and makeup routines—as an exercise in embracing their inner beauty. Most of the time when you feel self-conscious about the way you look, no one sees what you’re most worried about. Everyone should feel proud of what makes them unique and different from the crowd. Many of you Beauties have taken the lead and posted your own pictures here and the Beautylish team wanted to join in on the fun as well. Each was paired with a coworker to talk about what makes them beautiful.

Cinya on Ning

Ning's complexion is completely clear! Her skin literally glows—no highlighter required! Her features are so stunning already that she doesn't need to shape her eyebrows, wear mascara, or swipe on any eye shadow.

Ning on Cinya

Okay, Cinya's skin is so flawless it's not fair. There's no pore, pimple, freckle, or blemish in sight! No wonder she just uses tinted moisturizer. This girl's got a real glow that shouldn't be hidden with too much blush—see that natural highlight on her cheekbone? Her complexion is just pure perfection. And I can't wait for Cinya's curls to grow out. Sure, her straight strands look sleek and polished, but I love the sneak peek we're getting of her natural waves. Those loopy, textured twists are a better match for Cinya's fun and outgoing personality.

Wafi on Tara

Tara has such a pretty natural lip color. It's such a pretty rose color, and you can't fake that. Her skin is honestly gorgeous, with or without foundation. It's so smooth!

Tara on Wafi

The texture and quality of Wafi's skin is close to perfect, so she barely has to apply foundation. She also has the longest, loveliest lashes!

Jasmine on Victoria

Victoria is one of those porcelain beauties who can pull off fair skin amazingly. Whenever I see her with a bold lip, I have to just stop and stare because it brings out her complexion so much. Her brows are to die for as well. They are so full and frame her face so well that she doesn’t even need to fill them in at all. Her number one feature, though, is her smile—it lights up her whole face and brings out the beautiful almond shape of her eyes.

Victoria on Christina

Christina is blessed with natural beauty. She usually doesn't wear more than five products on any given day because her skin is so naturally gorgeous! I love how she lightly enhances her complexion with subtle hints of warm, rosy color and glossy lips.

Christina on Jasmine

Jasmine is seriously such a cutie! Her cheeks have a lovely, natural glow to them. And I know she likes wearing bright, fun makeup colors, but her personality is already so bright and fun! Her natural rosy lip color is so pretty, and she has these gorgeous hazel, green eyes that change color all the time. Jealous!