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Refreshes your makeup, NOT A SETTING SPRAY

Okay, so I got this one in the special edition in flavour rose. It smells amazing and it really does refresh your makeup, and take down the powdery cakey look which Is great. Although it does not set your makeup like the urban decay all nighter setting spray. It costs 16€ which is quit a lot, but If you want to refresh your makeup during the day it's great. Unfortunately, I won't repurchase this stuff again (probably). Fix + is kinda stuff that you try and like, but don't repurchase because by the time you find something better. :)

Natural semi matt full coverage

I bought this foundation cause many people have been talking about it, so I wanted to try it for myself.

My first thoughts were that the full coverage foundation like this would be heavy and quit hard to blend in and the formula would be thick. I was WRONG. It's super blendable, more kinda watery but not too watery. It's not heavy at all and not even thick. Love this foundation and it dries Sami matt which is lovely! :) love this foundation!

Very good primer

I bought these with the naked 2, and I have to say it's really good. Keeps the eyeshadow on my lids for whole day without smudging or creasing. The primer glides on the lid smoothly. Great base for the eyeshadow !

A good handy palette

recently I bought the naked 2 which was a good purchase. It has few matt shades and few more glittery ones. The eyeshadows vary from dark colours to light colours. It contains pinks, beige, gold, taupe, grey and black.

The package contains a mirror, a two sided brush. Sleek package. I like it.

The eyeshadows are very pigmented, and applies smoothly on the eyelined . They crease a little without a primer, so I bought a primer from Urban Decay. It's really good with it!!

I would repurchase !

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Love this stuff !

I bought these drops because Manny MUA recommended it. Basically, you add the drops to any product (eg. moisturiser, foundation etc ...). Those drops can change the shade, formula and coverage of any product. Love it ! ❤️❤️

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Love it - but it is too light for me

I've always wanted to try this foundation. I will start by saying the positive things of this foundation. It has SPF 15 which is quit standard. It blends naturally with your skin. It says that this foundation is different from other foundation because the particles try to blend with your natural particles. Well, the foundation does look good on the skin I must admit. But i don't know about this match particles theory. This foundation costs more than the other regale Mac foundation because of this match particles. The Mac last chose me a wrong foundation which is not a big ideal because I mix it with the darker foundation I have. Overall, the foundation is really beautiful Matt and stays for about 9 hours with primer and powder. The foundation is recommended for oily gals xx :)

Absolutely loving it!

I wanted a change and I heard online the best reviews on this product. I've seen pro make up artists using it at the fashion week 2015. So I thought, why not giving it a try? I love it, I must admit, I am not fan of bioderma (there is no negative reason, it is just because I don't use their products). This make up remover is very sensitive to your skin and will suit any skin type. It removes make up very quickly. I highly recommend this product !