Beauty Product Reviews

Best treat for a honey junkie

I love honey and anything that has honey in it. I loved this bar because it was nourishing and sweet. It lasted a month and I used it everyday. I Love Lush.

One of my first solid shampoos

OMG, I loved everythong about this cute invention. It lathers very well, you do not need alot, the smell makes you feel like a princess and not to mention all the natural ingredients in it is such a turn on.

love the consistency, color and look

It is of very nice color, consistency and look. love the orangish blush. It sits well on your foundation ... you only need alittle bit. I absolutely love it. I wear it everyday.

all-time fav lipstick.

Great shade which is a mix of red and brown. Its a nice day lipstick. I would not wear it at night to a pub but if it was a dinner party maybe.

My Favorite Red Lipstick.

I can not explain to you how much I love this shade. Its so beautiful, neither dark nor bright. its a beautiful red that gives you a light sophisticated look. I wore this for my graduation.

love it

I bought it and must say it is really is awesome. It's creamy and stays on well... and compliments my face. I am sure it will also last long because you don't need to use much.