PhotoReady Cream Blush

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Leah R.
Revlon Photoready Cream Blush is the definition of buildable. They are all well pigmented, although application is strangely difficult with fingers. With a brush, however, the color is beautiful, blendable and, most importantly, buildable.

I have tried and reviewed all three of the Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes, and I enjoyed them all for different reasons. However, Flushed has definitely become my staple cheek color for the past week, so we'll let it have the spotlight for now.

Flushed is a bright, extremely pigmented fuchsia. Despite how scary this blush may look in the container, it actually applies naturally with fingers to achieve a very soft flush. Unfortunately, this natural look comes from the fact that the product just doesn't apply well with fingers.

Personally, I wanted this blush specifically for the punch of color I was convinced it was packing. When applied with a brush, you can build this to a vivid fuchsia that lasts all day. I love the way it looks on an otherwise neutral face.

Overall, I would recommend using a brush with these, as I found that brush application yields much better results. These blend very well and last without having to be touched up. The packaging is perfectly simple and functional, and you get a lot of product, even considering the somewhat hefty price tag.

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Pari G.
love the consistency, color and look

It is of very nice color, consistency and look. love the orangish blush. It sits well on your foundation ... you only need alittle bit. I absolutely love it. I wear it everyday.

Caitlyn V.
My go to orangey blush

I got this on a whim honestly and I'm so happy I did, This feels a little different than other cream blushes I've used. It's a little slicker and a lot more pigmented. Very buildable and blendable. It's just the right shade of coral to me... It leans more toward orange but still has a pinky tone. Gorgeous!

Julianne J.
Very cute- can be used as a lip stain!

I had gotten this awhile back and hoarded it in my train case until I got around to using it. This makes a great companion to a fresh-faced, no makeup makeup look. It does look extremely hot pink in the pan, but it is a nice light pink when applied with fingers, and is more pigmented if you use, for instance, the Sonia Kashuk blusher brush. I also like using this for a lip stain, almost more than using it as a blush. Its not super pigmented so you might need multiple layers on your cheeks. The container is cute, and you get plenty of product, but it was a little expensive. I prefer this creme blush texture to creme blushes that are in mousse form, so that's a plus. (Already wasted money on creme/mousse blushes.) This also looks great when a powder blush is layered over it for more pigmentation and staying power.

Kristy W.
Good for natural look but quite disappointed

I was quite disappointed in this product to be honest. The texture of the cream was like a lip balm. I had to apply a few times before colours started to show. Also, I kind of forgot that Revlon loves putting glitter on their products. I suppose putting it on a blusher is ok depending on where you apply it on your face but applying it on the apple of your cheeks will certainly enhance your pores. I thought it was silly to put glitter on a foundation as well. I think if you put it on the bones of your cheeks it could highlight your features.

I like how it gives a natural finish but aside from that, I really hate products that have glitter especially face make-up. Doesn't the brand realise that glitter enhances pores? I don't think I will be rushing to buy this product either.