Beauty Product Reviews

Never again my friend

I was really mislead when I decided to purchase this product, for one.. the shade matched to me in the store ended up being at least two shades too dark on me and it made me look super orange! So disappointed in this foundation! I really don't think I'll ever use a MAC foundation again, I'll stick with UD or Tarte. Maybe if I had been matched correctly my opinion would have been better..hmm, we shall see once I repurchase my correct shade in NC15..not NW15!

Love this!

I have been blown away, I didn't think these palettes would be as pigmented as everyone says but damn I was proved wrong! This palette is just around 15.00 and is fabulous! The colors are all so pigmented and beautiful I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good palette

Best nude lipstick

I recently purchased creme de' nude along with a few other lipsticks from MAC and I think this is my favorite color of all time. It goes on so smoothly and lasts the entire work day, I would repurchase this color over and over without a doubt!

Darn price tag

I really like using this mascara, it gives my lashes just the right amount of umpf! If you're looking for a dramatic curl, this product won't do you any justice. It's simply a very black, thick mascara that..too me, gives them a nice fuller look. I can't say I'd recommend because if the price tag this one carries! You could find one similar for a lower price I guarantee you that :)

I Enjoy This

I use this on my brow and cheek bones everyday and I absolutely love it 😍 it gives that "just right" shine to my face. I don't agree with the price but, it's worth it 👏 I'm content with this highlighter and don't plan on switching anytime soon, I would recommend this product to anyone asking for a good highlighter.


This foundation is my new go to! Yes, it's not exactly wallet friendly but it's so worth the money! I can't tell you how pleased I am with this product, I wore it for the first time to work this morning and it lasted the entire day! It made my skin look and feel amazing. After washing it off I noticed my skin felt extra soft, I love this product I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new foundation!

Just Starting Out In Makeup?

Perfect! Like I said, for a beginner or someone learning how to correctly apply eyeshadow. If you're looking for the perfect color payoff, something extremely pigmented or something that'll last more than a couple hours..unfortunately, this isn't for you.

I had my fun with this palette awhile ago, and yes, I did enjoy playing with it. Let me emphasize "play" this isn't for anyone who wants a great all day look.

It does what it's supposed to, sort of, I've gotten up to a medium coverage by applying it..I kid you not, at least 3/4 times.

It has this minty sort of smell, and a cold "clean" feel so your face and I strongly believe that's the only good thing about it.

If you're looking for that "flawless" skin finish, this is not for you unless you want to have to pack a pound of makeup on your face to achieve that "you're skin is so smooth"..*touches your face* only to discover your face make up on their finger, embarrassing right? Stray! Stray far..far away!

Hmm, dazed and confused..

I cannot say I love or hate this product, it seems to work well for when I give my lips a good scrub before bed. Ido love the minty smell and feel, yet, it just doesn't seem like it's giving it's all.

I am sorry little round ball that my daughter loves chucking around the house, you will remain just a distraction to my toddler.


I love this product because it makes my eyebrows look fantastic! The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is because it just didn't last long enough 😞 Seriously, completely gone within 3 weeks.