Beauty Product Reviews

This is the first mascara I ever got. I have it in Brownish Black and Very Black. I would recommend this to anybody starting their own makeup collection. It defines and separates the lashes and there are no clumps.

I love this lipstick! It provides a beautiful colour without drying out my lips. It is inexpensive and good quality. It has cute,attractive packaging.I will be buying this in more shades.

Easy To Use

This mascara is pretty good but the whole "clump crusher" part is not fully true. It there aren't huge clumps like other mascaras I have used,but still some small ones at the ends but no big deal. I will buy this mascara again!

Great Brush, Easy Application

My friend bought me one of these nail polishes for a birthday gift and I have to say I am quite impressed! It does not chip and the colours have a glossy finish.

I have this in Rose Glow. I love how all the colours blend together to create the perfect shade! I bought mine at target thinking it wasn't going to work very well because it was only $5.00,but I was wrong.I'd say the quality isn't 100%, but i like it.I will definitely be buying this in some more shades!

Easy application, beautiful colors, doesn't chip, but very,very hard to remove. I could get the actual polish part off, but the polka dots took some work. Overall, I have to say it's pretty good.

I really love this! I found it helps keep my makeup looking fresh all day and it doesn't dry our my skin like other products I have tried. It's uber easy to use, so I will continue to purchase this product.

I also have this polish in twisted pink. Overall, this Polish is pretty good. I have used my polishes about 4 times each and I found it didn't chip, and the brush is nice when applying the polish.

The product didn't have as much colour as I thought It would when it was applied, but I purchased it because of my very dry lip situation. I have the shade pink punch.

I got 3 EOS lip balms from some of my friends. I have strawberry sorbet , summer fruit, and sweet mint. The whole sphere idea is cute and the product works well.