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A Must + My Holy Grail Eyebrow Pencil

I don't choose 1 holy grail for each catergory (ex: concealer, if i don't have a can't-live-with-out concealer, then i will not say it is a holy grail, even if i really genuinely like it. I am on my second pencil and I love that the product is very thin and not as pigmented. thats a great thing when your talking about eyebrows! plus, it is really affordable, esp. if you can grab it in a kit on qvc & hsn. I talk a lot more about it in depth on my blog with this link if your interested in knowing more!

Love it! Smooth, Buildable, Fool-Proof

I just wanted to link my blog posts about Laura Gellar's Baked Blush n Brighten in Honey Dipped from my blog. I have gone more in depth there if your interested (:

my fav. liner

this is my absolute favorite liner. it dosent tug on your eye, it gives a really smooth application and this is one of the ONLY liners that has lasting power in my water line. also i find myself putting black shadow over top of the liner to kinda seal in the color and make look really black, because this stuff dosen't fade like others do if you know what i mean-

my favorite next to proactiv

i have sensitive skin and proactiv is the true miracle worker. i like using this before i use step 1 from proactiv. it really does wash your face off so that your face is perfectly clean. if you dont have acne i think this is probably the best cleanser you can get and use it by itself. plus for the cost, its a keeper. i also love the little brush thing it comes with, it does give your face that extra deepness of clean

i like the cream, not the powder so much

the powder just looks, well, powder. I do like this stuff tho but yo do have to go easy w/the cream- there is a fine line between flawless and cakey with this stuff

handle w/ care unless you want it to fall apart in your hands

that isnt really why i dont think that this stuff isnt that great. it does smell really good but i was expecting more from it- it really didnt fizz like i thought it would, but it did for the most part i guessing i was expecting something different. it really didnt seem like my skin was much different after i used it.

i do have a normal size to small bath tub and i used this between 2 separate baths, and if i had it to try again i would probably just throw the whole thing in there and i hear you really dont need to do that with a small bath tub, but i would dis-agree - if you want the most use, i would say to use the whole thing in one bath

drying, dosen't give much of a lather

as my very first lush purchase i was exited to try this along with a few other things and yeah i mean smells ok but it didn't really suds up or anything- the smell really dosent last on my skin, and it can be a bit drying.

Perfect Formula, Will not make your hair crunchy

I ordered off of QVC the little package and this came along with this. The rest of the products that came with (gel, shampoo, & clips) weren't really that great. I do have wavy hair that does curl easy with the right products and this is a perfect match for me. It makes your hair curly not crunchy and you can use the whole bottle in one shot if you wanted and it wouldn't make your hair greasy or anything. My curls stay bouncier, longer. the day after I wash my hair I put this in it and it looks like I just washed my hair and didn't sleep on my curls.

Normal Gel, nothing special

I ordered off of QVC & I wasn't impressed with this gel- even having wavy hair that will curl very easily. If it was just a cheap gel I would say it isnt bad but for the money I forked over to try it out, I was really not impressed at all

Made me break out

I am a mark. representative so I kind of hate how much I do not like this but I have to be honest because I really dont like it. I used it once and threw it out because it just made my face break out really bad.

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