Le Kohl Pencil Smooth Defining Eyeliner


Erica J.
my fav. liner

this is my absolute favorite liner. it dosent tug on your eye, it gives a really smooth application and this is one of the ONLY liners that has lasting power in my water line. also i find myself putting black shadow over top of the liner to kinda seal in the color and make look really black, because this stuff dosen't fade like others do if you know what i mean-

Mary V.
A good basic eyeliner

This does the job. Smooth application, no tugging. Not bad on the waterline. I smudge it (upper lash line) with a Sephora smudge brush, and I also like to top it off with some dark eyeshadow. Dry e/s for a softer look, and wet e/s for a sharper, more "liquid" eyeliner look.