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Up and coming legendary

When Billy B first gave me this brush a few years ago I was worried I would not be able to get the precision that I get from a firmer brush. once I started using it I realized the flexibility of the brush allows for more perfect application whether I am trying for a smudgier, smokier application or something more lined and refined. This is an ideal brush for gel or cream liner and I love it for powder product around the eyes or even as a concealer brush. Pairing this with Billy B's lip brush allows you to create and contour the perfect mouth without hard lines and I love for applying concealer or luminizer around the lip line to make lips look larger. This is a makeup artists must have and I am so happy to see it back here on Beautylish.

A makeup artist must have

I was lucky enough to be invited to NARS offices in NYC this week and I must say they did not disappoint. While I love so many of the products in the brand it is hard to narrow it down to just a few I have to say that the Multiples may be the product I use in every application. Perfect for eyes, lips and cheeks this stick gives sheer color that offers an energizing glow that radiates through the skin. My favorite shade is South Beach. They photograph beautifully and allow endless application uses.

love the way these colors work together

The brilliant color direction and the combination of textures is so genius and fashion forward. I love the depth and dimension it gives every application and it allows for endless possibility. For me this simple palette can elevate any makeup to something beautiful and editorial. Gorgeous.

looks gorgeously like skin

I am such a fan of the Ellis Faas. As an artist and makeup formulator she really understands skin and how to make it look flawless. The brand is pricey but for me I think that the way it layers and builds and allows any coverage to look like skin makes it well worth the price. Some people compare it to YSL Touche Eclat but I think this less luminous formulation fits in well with any foundation and allows for making it matte or dewey.

One of my favorites

With so many products constantly coming across my desk and being sent to my agent I am very lucky to be able to try endless amount of skin care and color cosmetics. Full disclosure. This is one of the only products I pay money for. It is my must have, I use it personally for soap, shave and facials and do not feel clean without it. Professionally I use it to clean my brushes and kit and keep my clients refreshed as well as for mens grooming shaves. I love the Peppermint for my brushes and for everyday and I love the Almond for the winter months when I like a warmer scent.


After all the hype I thought I would take a look at this product so I pulled it out from my makeup closet and brought it to set. I was disappointed in the lack of pigment and staying power. Others had reviewed it as blendable but I found it to be inconsistent in its application and consistency. I think this would be a great gift for my mom but not the type of product I would recommend to a professional. I thought the packaging started to look messy after being in my kit for a short time and I hate shadows that have such fall out. Ill pass this on to an assistant. meh.

Beautiful for HD and any or every application

When David Horne sent me this foundation to test out I was so excited to see something new that a friend had helped to design but I was pretty set on what I was carrying in my kit...enter Illamasqua Skin Base and que up the romantic music because it was love at first sight. This new must have kit essential is my go to when I need skin that needs a product that is easy to bland and gives me a perfect complexion every time. The colors are rich and deep and have the nuances of skin and the camera loves the,. Definitely worth a look.

This is Everything...literally

The Make Up For Ever Flash color case is a must have for me in every application. I use the colors to adjust or adapt foundation or concealer or to bring any variety of color anywhere on the face. I can use this to create any concealer, color correct, foundation, eye, lip, cheek or mascara or merely add it to existing color to have an unlimited palette. A must have for every artist.

This Eye Seal is amazing for keeping shadow in place or leaving liner lasting all day. I also love this along the lip line for keeping things that are tough to keep in place like Lip Tar. I use a small, angled brush and bring along the outer lip line and it prevents gloss or lip color from spreading. My big trick is to drop six or seven drops of eye seal into an airbrush and use it over the entire face sealing everything in place. I earned this from my bestie Orlando Santiago and it saves my life on high intensity shoots and music videos.

This lip gloss is everything. I love it and think it is the ideal shade for the season in the most versatile and beautiful texture. I keep the glosses in my kit for as long as I can but inevitably end up giving them away to my models and celebrity clients.

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