Beauty Product Reviews


I HATE THIS!!!! IT LOOKS SO BAD!!!! I BOUGHT SOME AND IT SUCKED!!! IT DIDNT EVEN WORK VERY WELL!!! looks like poop!!! srry i dont mean to offend anyone just stating my opinion!


I absolutely love this perfume, it is my fav. of all the PINK ones. I use it all the time so i have gone through a bout 2 bottles and the one i have left is almost gone. This smells like fruity, and floral!

So so

I use this for plays so i sweat... ALLOT, this was NOT the product for that. It would come off when i sweat but was hard to get off with just water afterwords. I couldn't find a colour that fit my skin tone exactly so it was either a vampire or orange.


This is my favorite mascara EVER! It is really waterproof (as it says) and holds a curl. It only smudges a little but only on hot days (idk why) It gives you a natural lash look as opposed to MAYBELLINE VOLUM' EXPRESS THE FALSIES WATERPROOF, so overall I LOVE this mascara!

Not so awesome

It was definitively false, but it wasnt as ''Waterproof'' as it says. It didnt hot curl through the day and clumped ALLOT! It dries slower than all my other mascaras. Overall I am kinda disappointed with this product.


This smells AMAZING and you can wear it all year round, its spring/summer time and I even wore it today! And it does smell very jolly and happy, I always get a TON of complements on it when I were it! I LOVE THIS !