Great Lash Waterproof Mascara


Katie W.

My go-to! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara. It can hold a curl, extend, darken, and adds volume to your lashes. I normally go for mascaras that are waterproof and can fan out your lashes that lasts all day, and this is definitely my favorite that I want to use for the rest if my life!

Izabella U.

This is my favorite mascara EVER! It is really waterproof (as it says) and holds a curl. It only smudges a little but only on hot days (idk why) It gives you a natural lash look as opposed to MAYBELLINE VOLUM' EXPRESS THE FALSIES WATERPROOF, so overall I LOVE this mascara!

Catherine T.
Best Drug Store Mascara!

I love love love this! The tiny brush allows me to reach every lash. Even the bottom lashes too. I use this a lot in the summer when I go swimming or want more of a natural look without a lot of eye makeup.

Hannah N.
Cheap, keeps lashes curly.

It took me years of searching but I finally found my go-to mascara. I've always known of this particular "favorite" but was skeptical since it was so cheap. I am a devout follower of high-end make up but I finally relented and bought this on a whim since it was only $3. Needless to say I was utterly converted. The mascara is great! It keeps my lashes curly all day long and does not get clumpy. I love that it's the waterproof formula since I have very sensitive eyes that need constant hydration.

Dallas Lynne S.

I love how this mascara is waterproof! It pretty much lasts all day (on me it does), and my eyes water constantly during the day (and I also have gym at the end of the school day). My sister had bought this for my for Christmas because she knew I needed new mascara. I absolutely love it and I'm glad she bought it for me.

Myka A.

i think this is the best mascara I've had so far and it works so well i always use this mascara and if it's empty i am sure I'm gonna purchase again it's not expensive so go buy it it's worth it hun

Cassandra W.
Great and Inexpensive

I love this mascara. It has a great price and it lasts. It is one of my favs and is always in my makeup bag. Even if you like more expensive mascaras this is a great one if you are in a bind and only near a wal mart etc.

Heta R.

I have always had the problem of smudging mascara, so I decided to test this one out. My first impression when using this was that the brush is very nice. It's small enough to get every single lash and gives nice definition. But it doesn't really do anything amazing to your lashes. I don't think that it lengthens and it defiantly doesn't give you much volume! But I do actually kinda like that it does give you a natural look 'cause I've been blessed with naturally very long lashes. But if you prefer the falsies look this maybe isn't the mascara for you!

It stays on all day long and looks very fresh even when you've worn it for 14 hours (which probably isn't too healthy for your lashes! OH WELL!) You do need a good eye makeup remover to get it off but if you have that it's very easy to get off!

I have worked out with this mascara and it did stay on! The grand test I had with it was at my hot yoga class where the temperature is about 100F and it stayed on!

Edna V.

This lives up to its title -- it IS smudge-proof, waterproof and lasts all day. It keeps my lashes curled all day without clumping. I've tried lots of other "waterproof" mascara but only Maybelline Great Lash does it for me. I've also used this to thicken my eyebrows and keep them on fleek!

Jess H.

This is a really effective mascara! The brush is smaller which minimises clumps really really well. One of my personal favourites bc it looks very natural! Highly recommend this! Other of my mascara a clump or look very thick and unnatural which isn't what I'm after - this mascara was tidy and exactly what I was after (plus it waterproof which is even better!)