Beauty Product Reviews

Not good at all!

so, I got these thinking I would save a few $$ over the Sally ones... so not worth it... they kept cracking when I was putting them on, and would not stay, or stretch well to fit smoothly over the nails... Also, it says you can use it on your toes, and I could not get them to stay on my toes for anything! Take my advice, save your money... don't waste it on this

I love these!!

I started using these when they first came out.... they always go on really nice and stay a while, what more can I ask for? And I ALWAYS get compliments! anybody trying to decide on this or the Kiss ones? go for the Sally!

Pretty good!

these work really great if you want a new shade but don't want to spend much, as they are usually under $2... I usually get to use the whole bottle without it drying out on me. I get a nice shine out of them, and they look good... don't look like bargain polish to me!

Gets too messy!

i do really like the shatter effect and grabbed one of these at my local salon, I didn't really want to spend that for a nail polish, but I wanted to be able to do shatter myself. It worked just fine the first time or 2 that I did it, I got lots of compliments on my nails, but after that, it was always to thick and "gunky"... I really did not like that, it made it messy and hard to apply... wasted most of the bottle!

Great colors!

These are great polishes, and a decent value... I can find them just about anywhere... they last a good amount of time and I just loved that I found a shimmery shade of my favorite color (Coral)

Good value, good product

I really like getting these, they are well priced ($1-$3) and I also found them at walgreens for an 8 pack for $6.. grabbed that right up!! anywhere I go, I can find these, and have a great collection with lots of colors... especially good to practice nail art with!

Works pretty good

I really like these.. I've got a few colors, and don't have a problem, they work really good for nail marbling... great texture for that, also, great brush, only downside, can't find it many places