Shatter Polish


Erin M.
Gets too messy!

i do really like the shatter effect and grabbed one of these at my local salon, I didn't really want to spend that for a nail polish, but I wanted to be able to do shatter myself. It worked just fine the first time or 2 that I did it, I got lots of compliments on my nails, but after that, it was always to thick and "gunky"... I really did not like that, it made it messy and hard to apply... wasted most of the bottle!

Emily O.
Total Garbage

This nail polish is definitely over rated and I also wonder why people like it. The techniques of putting it on my nails varied from waiting time to apply it, to about 20 different colored base coats and brands. The results of course are different for each nail but mostly it clumped or the base coat would show through.