Brooke G.

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About Me

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Medium
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: November 29
Age: 24



Q:How is your face so soft and not oily at all
A: I make my own facemask at home using natrual ingredients you can find around your kitchen leaving my skin looking flawless in around 20min!

Q:How did you start really getting into makeup A: Ever since I was younger I have always been creative, I feel more confidant when I have on makeup and I love just applying it to see the before/after affects it gives me more self esteem, and i can really be creative with a brush, I just love when people ask where I got my makeup or nails done and it's the best feeling when I can say I did it and the reaction I get from people, I actually volunteer at MAC because I am too young to work there I use to always go up to the counter at MAC and try all the different makeup out