Caviar Manicure

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Cass F.
Hard not to like

I like this for something a little different. It hard not to play with it once it's set! Looks and feels great. Definitely agree, the less time between application and the occasion the better

Leanna G.
Good for one night only

Yes, you can get the same effect for much cheaper with supplies from a craft shop--but I'm lazy. I bought the set with black nail polish ("Ghetto Fabulous") and black/teal "caviar". The polish was a bit of a miss: too sheer, but not a problem as I was covering it with the caviar anyway. Application of the caviar was a breeze and the included funnel ensures you get the most out of the kit with minimal waste. The directions suggested sealing the tips with clear nail polish for durability, so I lightly dabbed some Seche Vite on but I'd skip it next time as it's kind of obvious and ugly (see image). The manicure lasted all night but 18 hours later a lot of the caviar had fallen off and it looked pretty janky. I don't see that as a negative--this is a look meant for a special occasion and should only be worn with the expectation that you'll be taking it off the next day.

Marie C.
Only for Spesh Occasions

Okay I know that this product has been hyped up and yes it does live up to its hype in the way that it's an awesome manicure & your nails look amazing afterwards - and yes you will get a lot of compliments when you wear it.

As it stated it is only good for 48hrs max hence only for special occasions - when you're not doing anything wih your nails except it looking pretty - I think that 12 to 24 hrs is probably more accurate but I guess it depends on how careful you are.

It takes around an hour to apply properly. I found applying two coats of nail polish helps it to stick a little bit more. So make sure you have gotten dressed, done you're make up before doing your nails - trust me and definitely no top coat.

All in all it is pretty and I gave it five stars because when I wear it I love it. I bought the pack for $48 & I can choose what Colour I want depending on my mood so it works for me.

Plus side - it's super easy to take off! Just scratch it off - make sure you're in your bathroom sink that way less mess

Happy Nail Caviar-ing everyone! x

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Nikki Z.
Beauty Splurge

I have been eyeing this forever and I finally broke down and tried it out. I think the best way to explain how I feel is to break it down. Lol

1. Texture is interesting...if you are a picker of any sort...You'll pick these right off. 2. Putting a top coat on top of the beads changes their colors. You're instructed to NOT put a top coat on but I thought "No way they'll stay on without" but...DO IT WITHOUT. 3. Has a SUPER INTERESTING effect and I got a ton of compliments on it. 4. Lasting power is pretty good. If you use your hands ALOT you might loose a few but all in all I was really impressed of their lasting power. 5. Easy to take off. Can literally just pop them off. Which is interesting considering they don't pop off unless you want them too. haha

I don't know if they are worth $25 for the set but during the holidays it's fun to splurge on some fun little goodies like this.

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Laura E.

PACKAGING The packaging is really pretty and very striking so you know exactly what it is and what colour you are buying. It comes with full instructions, tips & tricks as well as the coloured polish, one bottle of caviar pearls depending on your choice, a funnel to pour the pearls back in and a plastic tray to catch all the pearls when your applying. The bottles are really cute and dainty looking with a little black bow on the coloured polish.

TEXTURE The Caviar Pearls are really tiny smaller than hundreds and thousands to fit comfortably on the nail, but if your not used to texture on your nail it does feel a bit weird to start with. COVERAGE The coloured polish applied evenly in two coats but I wouldn't apply no more than two coats as it could appear to thick on the nail. The pearls should cover all the nail if you have painted an even wet coat to the nail for them to adhere too.

APPLICATION There is plenty of instructions on the back of the box and a leaflet to help even an amateur nail painter! There is also pictures, tips and tricks to get the most from your application.

LONGEVITY The box advises it can last up to 48 hours, mine only did last the day as it is hard not to do anything without knocking a pearl off, so I suggest firmly pressing the pearls into place and sealing the edge of the nail with a top coat to ensure maximum wear. PRICE The retail price is £18.00 for the set which I don't think is to bad for a premium nail brand considering you get one bottle of polish, the pearls, a funnel and the instructions and bottle of colour on it's own from the Ciate website is £9. Don't forget this is a Nail Art collection something a little bit more special, from a premium nail brand, so I would expect to pay a bit more. If you are not willing to pay this price you can always go to your local craft store and get creative with your own DIY Caviar Manicure!

Overall I think this is a great product, very simple but clever, I don't think this is an everyday wearable manicure as the pearls do come of quite easily, but it is great for a night out, special occasion or wedding and is a fun and easy way of updating your nails!

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Mandy C.
I didn't like it to begin with

Now, I love a good trend, but this product has been hyped in the worst ways. I am not a fan of it at all. It barely lasts a day and it takes forever to do even one hand without making a huge mess. I've also seen alternatives where some people have even used craft beads, poppy seeds, and other items to replace the price of the caviar beads. Understandable. I mean why would I spend so much money on a nail manicure, that barely lasts a day? Maybe it's because I work with kids, or I come home to a sink full of dishes everyday. Maybe that's just me, but I truly don't like this at all. A for effort as well as packaging, but as for the design and how wearable it is...not so much on my good side. Ciate, you guys have come up with some brilliant products before, but this has to be the worst in my opinion. Then again, that's just my opinion.

Kristina S.

It looks really cool and pretty, but falls off way too quickly, especially considering how time consuming it is! The paint also comes off of the beads if you try and put a top coat over it... Wish I knew! Lol

Destiny E.

i saw it on felur de force's video its really looking chic. and it makes a good manicure but as you can guess you need a top coat because even with top coat it can go out easily. so, if youre going to do a lot things with your hands i recommend wear it on like going to a dinner etc. its not goo for a daily use bc it just lasts 48 hours. if you are careful with your nails.

W Michelle J.

When i first started using this product i was so excited about it, i got it in the black and white as well! it's lot's of fun and you can get very creative with it. One issue though, it staying on for a period of time. If you an active person, don't expect this product to last for a week (it won't) but if your the type to just take it easy and have the luxury of lying around all day...then your good to go!

Amber Does Nails x.
Always expect a honest review out of me!......

This is one of the most over-hyped, overpriced gimmicks on the market today.

Now Ciate make some great products, their Nail Tonic - Hydrator = AMAZING, but "nail carviar"?..... Come one.

I have yet to see a clean application or read a positive review that did not sound patronizing (or like, text book "PR" lingo).

The beads don't even last a day!!

Its pushed as something revolutionary, but in the end I 'm just left wondering "How gullible do the PR reps really think we are?"

I GIVE THIS PRODUCT ONE " ! " OUT OF 4....just because of the clever product marketing. !_ _ _

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