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Oct 07, 2014

Kirin S.

Haha that's no problem! Thanks for commenting back to me too! You seem like a really genuine and kindhearted girl.

And thank you very much doll, you too are a beautiful human being!!

Oct 05, 2014

Kirin S.

Hey Molly,
No problem! You're beautiful. Don't forget it!

And Australia is an amazing country (although the heat is often extreme)!
My parents are both Australian, I was born in Australia, and I have never left the country. I have always lived in Queensland and have been no further than the neighboring state of New South Wales, hence my desire to travel. I live in a small country town. But I have seen some amazing things here and I highly recommend you do travel here someday!
I love my country and it's a great place to be.
The main problem foreigners have with coming to visit is the climate- but I think the intense heat is a blessing as I can't stand the cold!
You should definitely visit one day, we have some incredible sights and a great sense of culture.

Oct 05, 2014

Kirin S.

Hi Molly, thanks for the comment! I am glad that I can participate in this wonderful online community also- it's so accepting and the people are amazing.
Just noticed you follow me, so I'm following back. You are so gorgeous, you have an adorable smile!

Jul 25, 2014

Lizzy W.

That's cool! You are so sweet and caring, I can totally see you in either of those jobs :) I still wanna be a dancer haha :) It's funny that you say that; this past week the weather has been freezing again! Even I'm jealous when I look back on those sunny instagram posts x)

Jul 12, 2014

Lizzy W.

Yes I can finally relax and breathe again! Haha :)
What is your dream job at the moment? I remember you saying you want to be on broadway, is that still your number one dream?

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