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Sep 16, 2014

Emma S.

Following gorgeous!!

Aug 27, 2014

Cassidy R.

Aw thanks :) I would probably be screwed if I needed a touristy conversation o.o we seriously didn't study anything touristy in my spanish class haha! I don't even know how to ask where the nearest bathroom is. I know how to say "may I go to the restroom?" (we had to ask everything in Spanish) so that could possibly get me directions or I may just get stares like "why do you need my permission crazy lady?!" so at least you're covered if you go on vacation! The closest thing to tourism we studied was how to give and understand directions (like to a cab driver or if you're lost etc.) so I won't get lost but I may never find a bathroom lol.
That's okay! That's good that you're trying to go to bed early, you need sleep haha! I can't wait to hear about dance!

Aug 16, 2014

Cassidy R.

My school requires English every year (duh, right? This is America, most schools do lol) and to graduate you have to take two courses of a foreign language and it offers French, and Spanish. I've had my heart set on Spanish since I was little though so that was a no brainer for me haha and I'm thinking of taking a third course now that I'm done with my two required courses but there's several other classes I want to take while I'm still in high school that will look good on my college application (and we both know how bad I need a good looking application for that university...) so I may just save finishing my Spanish up for when I go to college and I'd like to learn a third language while I'm there if at all possible, maybe Afrikaans! I've never given much thought to a third but I'd love to be multilingual! I think that's great you want to pick up another language! What language are you thinking of?

Aug 13, 2014

Cassidy R.

I go to public school so it's free here haha I think I like RRR better! But yes I get so lost at times with word order because if you translated word for word English to Spanish the sentence would make no sense in the Spanish language and it would most likely be twice as long haha I tried it once just to see. Not easy to understand without speaking both lol and then afterward the teacher did it just to prove how wrong we'd be if we did it that way! I know, I'm sorry! I keep forgetting to reply! I saw it and then my phone wasn't letting me do most internet related things that day for whatever reason so I thought 'okay, I'll reply to it when it straightens out.' then I completely forgot :/ I'm sorry, I'll go do that now!

Aug 08, 2014

kimberley r.

Following you gorgeous love your write up its so positive!  xx

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Lizzy W.

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